Our Vision

Tripura will enrich and positively transform
the lives of millions of people across
the world by enabling them to capitalize on
their true potential.

Our Mission

Tripura will enable and empower individuals, teams and organizations in their quest for excellence through our coaching, training, and consulting practices.

  • Excellence in execution in your business?
  • Sales performance solutions?
  • Ways to build world-class sales professionals?
  • Coaching to accelerate your desired goals?


Spark explores various topics designed to help CxOs, sales leaders and talent transformation professionals.
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About Tripura Multinational

The name TRIPURA is derived from Sanskrit: TRI means three and PURA means worlds. In ancient times,Tripura was a prosperous city surrounded by three walls made of iron, silver, and gold. Metaphorically, Tripura Multinational is all about refining the capabilities of individuals, teams and organizations to make them a GOLD STAR.
The three rings in the logo signify the refinement of skills, while the needle indicates the acceleration towards the achievement of success. These core principles now form the foundation for the vision and mission of Tripura Multinational.

Our Partnerships

  • Quota Game
    Facilitator, Coach and Master
    Distributor for South Asia

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TM Academic Alliances

We are privileged to enjoy a relationship with many educational institutions where we are aligned on the need to build Sales Skills in students and to run multiple courses. These courses cover Under graduate, Post graduate, Continuing education and Executive Education in the Sales Performance Curriculum.

Global Coaching Lab

Join a vibrant professional community of experienced and qualified coaching professionals and build YOUR coaching practice successfully!!!


Working for the sales organization of SAP, one of my challenges was to get our new quota carriers to close deals in a very short time frame! That’s when I met Venkat and he helped me to execute our plan to perfection. His genuine positive attitude and his ability to connect with our sales teams, helped them to familiarize with world class sales techniques that gave them an assurance of a sale and not deviating much on discounting levels.
His workshops will make even the most experienced salesperson "rethink"
their sales approach!

Thank You, Venkat! – Patson Jose
Value University Lead – India SAP

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Key learnings as an Executive Coach
It has been a couple of years since I started on my journey to “make others great”. A coaching certification and multiple coaching sessions later, I have realized a number of fundamental truths about coaching engagements. In the spirit of spreading the goodness, I wanted to share my key learnings and insights, and I hope you find this compendium useful:
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