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To truly become workforce ready, we beleive that a short internship program can only be a tick-mark in your education profile. We deem it as our responsibility to groom future leaders who get the varied experiences over a consistent period of time.

In our vision to build this Institution of Sustained Excellence (the second business driver for Tripura), AILP is a key initiative to help us connect education, profession with passion.

According to a recent study, 44% of graduating students are keen to start their careers in a start-up environment which is a major shift from the traditional way of joining large multinationals.



What is the intresting and also a very key differentiator for Tripura is to provide an enterpreneurial environment for people to thrive, and at the same time have the ability to understand large corporate environments - As Tripura is priviledged to serve some of the world's largest multinationals.

The "WHY" for this Initiative

As the complexities and challenges keep on increasing, the leaders of tomorrow need to build the connectivity from their education to being workforce ready-reducing their time gap to effectiveness.

Our focused efforts in this initiative stems from the belief that investing and building future building future leaders reiterates our commitment to

Our Vision

To touch and transform a million lives by 2020 and a billion lives by 2030.

Your Journey with us


Each one of us has the inclination to make it big and meaningful for ourselves, to do that you need to start with what you know.

I understand the
Sales Function
I have Business and
Finance Acumen
I have
I am a MBA
I am an
and a Grassroot
I am a student
pursuing a
I have an attitude and
aptitude for Business


The mindset that will make a difference in this innovative environment is-

Rotate Under

Leverage on your strengths and your 'stretch capability', you have the year-long ability to contribute and learn across these various roles and functions. To make it meaningful, you will flex across at least any of three functions based on your potential and skills:

Outcome / Finish

Certainly be placed at higher and difficult level compared to your peers in any organisation. What we get - A co-creative goal plan for the year based on your strengths and wants. You will be measured, tracked and nurtured in a safe environment to ensure that you achieve and exceed the aspirational goals we have set out to achieve.

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