Our articulation is often-times a poor example of our knowledge

Selling should be an effortless experience from the customer’s perspective. It is the responsibility
of the seller to connect the dots through from their products & services to business priorities of the customer. Although this is the goal, we hear
differently from our customers:

“Our problem is not securing a meeting with the customer, it is meeting them at the Executive Levels. Our sellers are neither prepared nor have the courage to meet people at the executive suite. No wonder our average sales cycle is 9 – 12 months .”
“The one role that is important for our success is the CFO. Less than 20% of our sales people have the capacity and competence to engage with the CFO. If only we doubled our reach, we could achieve our full year number in 9 months. ”
“Our measure of a good meeting is not about just ‘winging’ a meeting. It is about the customer CxO acknowledging that this has been a valuable spend of their time. Right now, we are very far away from this goal ”

We call this workshop ‘Sales MBA in a Box’. During this workshop, sellers learn the ability to talk in the language of the buyer using their KPIs, measures and their acronyms. Sellers confront the limits of their own Business & Financial acumen and learn critical concepts and ratios that would help them engage with Executives.

It is not how much we know it is how we say it, in a manner which differentiates us from the customer’s perspective. This workshop allows all sellers to engage in role-plays and gain constructive feedback on their quality of articulation and the strength of their content and connection. Even experienced sellers are sometimes taken aback in their struggle for articulation and clarity.


Customers who have experienced this workshop, share with us:

"It’s been more than a year and we are still using your workbook. That tells us that it is valuable for the Field. In fact, this workshop has helped us prepare better, engage better, and articulate value better ."

"Our sellers now understand how to engage executives using the common language of money, KPI and measurement.We were actually surprised how this approach is helping us sign more profitable deals with a greater velocity for closure ."

"On one of our customer visits, I was gratified when the customer acknowledged the value of the time we spent together. This could only happen because of what you have taught us – every powerful meeting is 3 parts preparation and 1 part execution. "


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