If you believe that you have tremendous potential, join the company that believes in the infinite potential of sales professionals and sales leaders.

While we transform sales leaders and sales organizations to realize their full potential, we also believe that a career in Tripura Multinational can take you from “who you are” to “who you could possibly be”.

We are a people driven, non-discriminatory, fair practices, equal opportunity employer and we look forward to welcoming high caliber professionals to our organization.

You are welcome to apply for the following full-time positions in the Asia Pacific Region, specifically in Singapore and India.


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Tripura Multinational was started to tap into the vast unaddressed opportunities in Leadership Capability Transformation within businesses operating in Asia Pacific, Japan, India and the Middle East. With the business environment changing at a rapid pace, and customer expectations rising significantly, it is incumbent on every organization to build the next generation of skills and capabilities within their teams, and to empower their managers to amplify the impact of those skills through the power of coaching.

We are looking for an individual with a passion for Selling, Sales Management and Customer Success. If you have experience selling “People and Capability Transformation” solutions to Global Business and Human Resource Leaders, then this job is for you.


– Lead by example on the quality of your customer engagement that our Sales and Leadership Programs seek to exemplify.
– You would ideally be proactive with an internal drive for excellence and an external orientation for customer centricity and success.
– You would play a strategic role in expanding the client/customer base. You would actively prospect, position, qualify leads, close the deal and sell the gamut of our program offerings.
– You would independently build a territory plan segmenting your markets and focusing your execution.
– Manage and build the CRM for your territory with discipline, consistency and commitment. Daily updates are encouraged.
– Develop and deliver a yearly/quarterly plan linked to sales performance management with measurable KPIs for pipeline progression and conversion.
– Possess the gravitas to drive 2-3 CXO meetings every week.
– Draft proposals with measurable and monetizable business value that will aid acceleration in your sales cycle.
– Maintain good relationships with all existing and prospective clients and collaborate internally with teams like Marketing, Finance and Operations.
– Identify market trends and customer requirements that brings insights and foresights back into the business.


– You ideally possess 10-15 years of experience in Business Development with comprehensive knowledge and experience working in B2B businesses, preferably selling professional services.
– You have engaged in end-to-end sales cycle progression as an independent contributor performing both hunting roles for new customer acquisition and farming roles for cross-selling/up-selling to an existing customer.
– You are familiar with CRM systems and can showcase field discipline by gleaning insights from the CRM.
– You have excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to differentiate yourself through the quality of your articulation and engagement.
– You are driven by Innovation and champion bold ideas and new ways of doing things for your customer. You ask challenging and stretching questions which are themselves value for the customer.
– Any exposure to training, education, skill development, assessment, human capability development and coaching within organizations would be your additional asset in this role.
This role will report to the Director for Sales Effectiveness and Execution Excellence and will be based in India / Singapore. In Singapore, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore will be accorded priority for hire. Others can apply too.

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We are looking for an individual who will provide design and creative support to produce high quality and impactful communications.

We are into Leadership Capability Transformation within businesses operating in Asia Pacific, Japan, India and the Middle East. With the business environment changing at a rapid pace, and customer expectations rising significantly, it is incumbent on every organization to build the next generation of skills and capabilities within their teams, and to empower their managers to amplify the impact of those skills through the power of coaching.

As a Video and Creative Design Specialist, your responsibilities would include the following:

– Develop corporate collaterals that are aesthetically pleasing and visually aligned including communication materials like client proposals, newsletters, visual infographics and other engagement materials and communication artefacts.
Edit videos for our digital learning courses and for our various marketing touchpoints.
– Be responsible for the maintenance of the company websites in terms of creatives as well the dynamic content updates for our thought leadership, digital courses, marketing and branding initiatives. An understanding of the overall user interface development of the website will be an added advantage.
– Working closely with the Marketing team to follow and interpret briefs/frameworks to deliver creative assets following brand templates.
Set clear goals and timelines. Take full accountability for work to ensure that deadlines are met, and implementation is to a high standard.
– Work closely with the Marketing, Operations and Business Development teams
– Coordinate with the Marketing team and Customer Success Manager on social media posts
– Possess the ability to understand and work across cultures in a highly professional environment that respects and supports integrity, diversity, authenticity and creativity.


– You have an Entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to be part of a growing company, where flexibility and being hands-on is important.
– You ideally possess 6-9 years of graphic design and corporate video editing experience preferably in a professional services organization.
BFA/Mass Comm/GD Art/ B. Design in advertising, fine art, Graphic Design or relevant field.
Advanced Adobe Creative Suite skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro (or FCP), After Effects, In Design, Dreamweaver, Acrobat) and Expert knowledge of all Microsoft Office applications. Some knowledge of Animation will be an added advantage.
– Excellent understanding of design principles and best practices. Possess a critical eye in terms of accuracy and attention to detail.
– Experience conceptualizing ideas and messages and translating them into original graphics and client-facing designs.
– Proactive and able to work independently with minimal supervision.
– Proven ability to work under pressure, delivering high quality work consistently against tight deadlines.
Excellent oral and written communication skills with an ability to think global. Confident in presenting ideas and soliciting feedback from colleagues.
– A learner’s mindset coupled with cognitive agility to match up to business demands.

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“Content is King”: You delight in the ability to structure content and align it in a way that learners find it valuable and fun. You have deep insights into the psychology of learning, and the pragmatism of training and coaching. You believe that content curation is your opportunity to amplify your impact on thousands of learners across the world – both online and offline.

With the world exploding with information, there is a crying need to simplify, synthesize and sequence information. Translating information into insights and stitching together those insights into a learning module has the potential to powerfully transform performance for individuals and organizations. Combined with research and online distribution, content has the potential to multiply its value across different audiences.

As the content curator for Tripura Multinational, you would

– Possess a background in pedagogy, psychology and/or behavioural economics which would help you to construct content that captivates – both online and offline
– Ideally have a background in Journalism and Digital publishing that presupposes excellent spoken and written communication skills
– Can build course content by bringing together, theory, research, experiences and gamification to make the content compelling to the learner
– Run mini-research projects leveraging interns to build a set of new/different/counter-intuitive insights that would reframe reality for organizations and individuals, that can be shared as bite-sized insights over the web periodically
– Have the drive and the knack to engage with senior decision makers to interview and solicit information and insights, from their experience, that could be published on our platform
– Generate content for publishing on various social media platforms to multiply our brand visibility through engaging content (snippets, blogs, videos etc)
– Have the ability to design “beginner/intermediate/advanced” level courses for all market offerings so that these courses could be graded to different audiences
– Possess the ability to leverage content across offline and online platforms to amplify reach and scale the impact of the content – “develop once, leverage multiple times”
– Need to participate in customer workshops and engagements to understand the “landing” of content and fine-tune it progressively for greater, continuous impact
– In partnership with the Marketing and Technology teams, create a monetizable platform for content that is constantly refreshed for its freshness and insights.

The Content Curator position would be based in India and would report to the Director for Innovation and Partnerships. Peripheral intelligence, Business and Financial Acumen and the ability to communicate with clarity would be essential for this role.

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Why does this role exist?

This role is crucial to the transition of our business from offline engagement models to online engagement models. In addition to a transition in course content, we anticipate a transition in the way we market and engage our customers. This role will bridge the gap between where we are now (in a semi-online engagement format) to becoming a fully online business within the next one year.

How will this role deliver results?

This role involves the amalgam of three capabilities –

  1. Creative Design
  2. Pedagogy design
  3. Psychology of learning

Every course that this role produces will include elements of microlearning, gamification and integration with rich media to engage audiences to encourage them to consume more.

The second aspect of this role relates to the ability to leverage digital media to increase customer engagement. This requires the ability to attract customers to register themselves, the ability to periodically engage them through multiple channels and to leverage digital marketing to drive lead generation.

What specifically are the accountabilities and measures for this role?
  1. Visually appealing courses and thoughtfully designed engagements that increases customer utilization and monetization
  2. Design courses that appeal to four classes of audiences: No Touch (consumer), Low Touch (public programs), Medium Touch (corporate programs) and High Touch (enterprise programs)
  3. The ability to upsell and cross-sell to the existing customer base
  4. The ability to increase the database of potential contacts
  5. Drive lead generation through targeted marketing campaigns

This position would be based in India. Peripheral intelligence, Business and Financial Acumen, Creative Visual Communication, Learning Experience Design and the ability to communicate with clarity would be essential for this role.

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This role exists to drive absorption, retention and application of sales skills and behaviours to drive greater revenue attainment for customers.

Learning without application is hallucination. The art of customer engagement lies in our ability to drive measurable business results. Those business results can only happen if every individual learner is able to retain the learning, apply that learning and build habits that transform individual and collective performance.

Your role would entail the creation of micro-learning library by chunking down all of our learning assets in order to drip feed these assets to improve learning and retention. In addition, you would also be responsible for managing daily interactions with learners over a technology platform and to be able to analyse aggregated responses to fine-tune the delivery of micro-learning. Effective spoken and written communication skills, the ability to design and gamify micro-learning content to increase learner engagement would be critical for this role.

Ideally, this role is a symbiotic blend of human intelligence and machine intelligence to drive learner retention and application.

You would ideally have a background in psychology and technology and possess the capabilities to understand the nuances of how students and adults learn and how they build better habits. The measurement of your effectiveness lies in the business results that our customers are able to showcase and attribute to our habit formation engine.

This position would be based in India.

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As the SPO with Tripura Multinational

– You would ideally have experience and exposure working with the Indian Government and Singapore Government and respective universities on matters like skills development, education, certification and funding
– You would leverage your Government experience to get all the course offerings in Tripura Multinational certified and eligible for Government support and concessions (For example: In Singapore WSQ/ Skills Future)
– You would actively engage with Universities/Academia to manage research projects that would further the cause for the Sales profession and the discipline of sales management
– You would build an Intern program within Tripura Multinational to actively engage with students and to align them to specific projects of strategic value to the organization.
– You would orchestrate the intersections and interconnections between Tripura, governments and academia to ensure speed and scale to design and execution.

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If you believe that sales skills are life skills and these skills can help you climb your career ladder faster, then we may have an opportunity for you.

As a sales intern, you would possess a positive attitude that translates into deep curiosity, empathy and excellent communication skills. You should also have the resilience to learn from prospecting setbacks and the ability to translate selling experiences into customer engagement expertise.

Typical areas for exposure for sales interns include prospecting, market research, territory planning, stake-holder research as well as opportunities to observe workshops and to work in partnership across the sales lifecycle with our sales managers and leaders.

If you believe that your combination of character, charisma and competency is ideal for a profession in sales, then apply now.

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If you have a passion for sales and the experience to back it up, then we may have some opportunities that can align to your passion and leverage your experience. Our customers work with us to make their best better. We do this through the power of sales coaching across multiple interfaces (1:1, Group, with the customer/ partner etc.)

Our customers respect our ability to provide a memorable experience every time we engage. This is true for face-to-face engagements as well as virtual engagements. This would necessitate your flexibility and fluency in both environments, more so virtually now. We have also observed that facilitation through white-boarding and multiple digital tools like Mentimeter, Mural etc. enhance the overall learner experience and your proficiency with these tools and technologies would be an added advantage.

Sales Coaching holds immense potential and we hope you would have the credentials and the credibility to make a measurable difference. If so, we would love to have you on our panel of coaches, so that your capability and competence in coaching makes a difference for our customers through us.

Should you possess these training, facilitation and coaching skills please do not hesitate to reach out to us, so that we could explore a mutually beneficial engagement that empowers customers to become more successful.

If the above description and requirements kindle an interest in you and you want to explore this opportunity further, then do apply.

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APPLY to create blended learning experiences

If you have a passion for making others great, especially the future leaders and early talent, through the intersection of your experience, passion and strength, then we have a wonderful opportunity for you through our digital learning platform.

One way where your goodness can find direction and meaning in others is through sharing. We are establishing a content platform that brings together the best of experiences and perspectives, from practitioners, that can both inform and transform audiences.

You will have to deliver a 40 to 60 minutes course (at a foundational level, intermediate level or master level), through the medium of video. Please do think about your areas of strength and passion that can maximize value and contribution within this course.

It would be our pleasure to be engaged with you on this joint development of courses and modules. Our target audiences are aspiring graduates and post-graduates predominantly in emerging economies, including early-stage professionals.  In the spirit of transparency, we would like to let you know that these experiential learning courses will be reasonably priced (to avoid any conflict of interest, with your current engagement/ employment) so that we can widen its reach to thousands of students and professionals. 

We would be happy to discuss a revenue sharing agreement, either to directly credit into your bank account or to contribute to a cause that you deeply care about.

If the above description and requirements kindle an interest in you, and you want to explore this opportunity further contact us.

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