Look no further from the Sales Manager to access the quality of the Sales Organization! The Front Line Sales Manager is the mirror of excellence for the Sales Organization.

It is no surprise that the best performing sales people are promoted to become Sales Managers.What is surprising is the fact that sales managers are not taught how to manage! Given that the sales managers are the fulcrum for driving change within sales organizations, it becomes imperative to empower the sales manager to become a high performance manager.

On the topic of Sales Management, what we hear from our customers are:

“We get feed back from our frontline sellers that our managers add absolutely no value to their field. All they do is inspect, tell and review. We know that is not the way we can scale. We want you to help.”
“We have a good set of sales managers with high variability in skills. This variability is leading to inconsistencies in execution. It is also leading to a “Us (vs) Them” mentality which is counter productive. Given that we are a highly matrixed organization what we need is a consistent set of managerial skills and team behaviours that would help us tap into the inherent power of our organizational design.”
“There are three core skills that we need in our Sales Managers – the ability to manage, the ability to coach and the ability to team and orchestrate. We send our Sales Managers to multiple different programs for each of these skills. I wish we had one program which could stitch together all these skills within the context of how we execute”

When it comes to building world class sales managers, there are a few key skills that have a multiplier effect on their effectiveness:


Our workshops design situations and experiences that help managers become aware of and develop these crucial skills to become high performance sales managers:

“Never before in my career have I walked away from a workshop with two notebooks full of notes. Thank you so much for all of the insights that I will apply to make myself a high performance sales manager.”

“I thought coaching was easy.Only when I tried coaching to the situations you presented did I realize the mismatch between my knowledge and articulation. Your situations clearly represent the realities we face everyday and I am now more aware of the power of coaching to run a better book of business.”

“This is the first time in my life I have experienced Field Coaching. Now I understand the importance when you say - every powerful meeting is three parts preparation, one part execution. This is so true for every part of the customer engagement prior, during and post the meeting. The ability to observe and coach to seller behaviour and sometimes coach the customer is a skill that will stay with me through life”


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