Pipeline generated through Account Planning

which is not customer validated, field qualified, or accelerated

by the Virtual Account Team, is good effort badly executed!

Over the past five years, we have had the opportunity to engage with Sales Leaders, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement who have constantly voiced:

"We do Account Planning every year, however we do not see any tangible results. The pipeline that gets generated from account planning, is stalled for the rest of the year. We fear this is becoming an annual tick box exercise."
“We have diffused responsibility when it comes to account planning. Everybody is in the room, but no one takes accountability for actions or progress. We need the Front Line Sales Manager (FLSM) to take ownership and drive the process – we are struggling to get the FLSM to stay accountable.”
“We need our leaders to coach our teams on Account Planning. We wish our leaders had that capability to coach - it would make a significant difference for our teams to be self-sufficient and drive their own results.”
There has to be a BETTER way!

We have successfully generated over $2 Billion in net new potential opportunities for our clients, over the past 24 months. This expertise has helped us identify 3 Core Capabilities that is helping our clients generate significantly more pipeline that translates to revenue:


Clients who have leveraged our approach, have benefited from significant increase in net new pipeline What we hear from them:

"Thank you for helping us generate $125 Million in net new opportunities. I am happy to let you know that we have closed $8 Million so far! This has been the biggest ROI that our team has ever generated."

"Now we know how much our account teams know and how much they don’t know. The Visual Thinking Frameworks really helped in stretching our team’s thinking."

"Our managers now understand what Coaching really is. They are also able to appreciate the need to practice coaching so that their teams can achieve more. This is creating a more positive and productive work place culture within our company."


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