If you are not different, you deserve to be commoditised! You get relegated to who you sound like Every Powerful client meeting is 3 parts Preparation : 1 part Execution

Customers from the Services Business, IT Business and Advisory/Consulting Business often tell us

“We are unable to break the barriers beyond procurement. Every time we try to go above, we get sent down to procurement.”
“We are unable to impact our customers beyond IT. This is limiting our deal sizes, commoditising our offerings and we often get into a vendor status and a price war.”
“Although we are the Big4, we are unable to capture the interest of senior decision makers, or allow our thought leadership to be appreciated at a higher level. This is impacting our ability to meet our Vision 2020 milestones.”
There has to be a BETTER way!

Our customers have always wanted to stand out from the competition. However, they are limited by the ability of their consultants and account managers, to engage with their clients, in a manner where their clients come to the conclusion on how the consultants and account managers are different. Without differentiation, most of our customers suffer from commoditisation.

Our workshop is designed to help consultants and sellers prepare and learn some of the counterintuitive nature of sales and business development. Key elements that we cover within our workshop are:


Companies and clients who have experienced the
Differentiated Clients Conversations Workshop, tell us :

"Now we know why we get commoditised. Our sellers just walk in to meet clients with minimal preparation and they ‘wing’ the client meeting. I’m glad that they now have a methodology and a process to take control of the customer conversation ."

"I was amazed when my client told me, “This has been the best one hour I have spent in the last one year - you are welcome into my executive office anytime ."

"This was the first time when my client took me to their executive. My ability to add significant value to the conversation, and establish that container of safety in the conversation, helped us achieve more together!"


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