A customer centric culture is the rudder to the ship of customer loyalty. Customer Centricity is the true north that guarantees organizational survival

Customers have often approached us with the following requests:

“We are getting ready for our Strategic Planning session, only thing is we do not know where to focus? We could just be busy and not achieve much and that is our worry.”
“We are achieving the results we desire for this fiscal however we are a long way away from our Vision 2020 Goals. We have some levers identified to take us towards our goals, although we are not sure whether these are the right levers or if other levers are our blind spots.”
“We would like to aspire to be the number one subsidiary worldwide, however we are not sure how we stack up against the world’s best companies on customer centricity. Is there some way in which we can rank and benchmark ourselves against the best.”

Through our partnership with Market Culture we are now in a position to address the strategic needs of our customers in their quest to create a culture of customer centricity. Creating a customer centric culture requires three elements:


Customers who have worked with us to build a customer centric culture have the following to say:

“This assessment has validated our gut feel through data, detail and commentary. This is helping us to create a more focused strategic plan for our Vision 2020.”

“What we have learnt is that it is no longer enough to be number one on your internal ranking. What matters more is how we stack rank against the best. This benchmark shows us immediately our areas of focus that we can now assiduously get to work.”

“Your ability to connect the competencies of a customer centric organization to the KPIs we use to drive the business is helping us leverage our review cadence to build a more holistic customer centric culture. We are hopeful that this connection will help us in the long term in creating a genuine customer centric culture and organization.”


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