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The least common denominator for any sales organisation is the customer and we believe that our sales excellence expertise can act as a catalyst to accelerate your sales performance.

Clients who have benefited from our sales performance solutions say that,

Our key differentiators are

The learning experience is unique because it blends across the needs of both the left brain and right brain, leading to an integrated experience.

Our ability to synthesise and bring together the essence of the desired learnings – to suit the exact and potential needs of the training

The unique ability to blend and leverage the power of coaching at multiple levels and stages during the program and after - has simplified the ROI articulation for the sponsors

“Every time we speak with Tripura Multinational, there is so much value in the conversations – that customers say is the best one hour spent in a very long time. Your ability to reframe our thinking is absolutely world class”.
We are humbled and honoured to receive this feedback from our clients. This only reiterates

  • That we are doing the right things aligned to our purpose
  • The sentiments increase our responsibility and integrity to raise our standards of excellence and client performance
  • The need to listen better to our client’s unique needs

The Core team at Tripura, through the establishment of their Leadership & Coaching practice through Global Coaching Lab, has the unique ability to speak the language of – Business, Money, Results, and People, Capability, Potential

Our Customer Impact - Fact Sheet

$4 Billion

of Net new pipeline generated through Account Planning

SME Sales Model Optimization resulting in a 25% increase in net profit YOY

$3 Billion

of Opportunities filtered globally through our trademarked VIBGYOR- Deal Qualification framework

Our engagements have enabled many of our customers become #1 subsidiary/market unit worldwide through recognised best practices

$2.5 Billion

revenue accountability for Sales Managers coaches worldwide

Deal Reviews for deals between $100k to $40m

We have coached leaders from more than 25 nationalities

There are certain Sales foundations which bring results to every sales professional.
Before we embark on you and your sales organisation's journey to become World-Class.

  • 10
    We exist to serve our customers - Everyday!!
  • 9
    Practice Self Trust -only then will you have earned the right to ask for others' trust
  • 8
    Consciously make others great - what goes around comes around
  • 7
    Cultivate a Bias for Action - How narrow is your thinking -> doing gap?
  • 6
    Build a sense of urgency - We have only one lifetime to make a difference to the world!!
  • 5
    Time Kills Deals - if there is no cost of inaction for the customer, there is no deal
  • 4
    When there is no value for the customer, there is no sale for us
  • 3
    Graduate from negative, reactive and constraints-based thinking to positive, proactive and possibility thinking
  • 2
    Sales process discipline provides the foundation to achieve excellence
  • 1
    Prospect Daily - while prospecting, shift away from incremental engagements to multiplier opportunities
It is our responsibility to remind you of what defines a true sales professional

Dear Clients / Customers

Every customer engagement is a tremendous opportunity for both Tripura and You; our valuable customers, to make a difference.

Through our foundation for Equal Opportunity, we have the ability to contribute to the educational needs of selected underprivileged children

Together we have a small opportunity to make a big difference to the future!

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