Foundation for Equal Opportunity

Enrich... Empower... Encircle

Our corporate Social responsibility initiative - Empowering the next generation through the Power of Education

We believe that every child on this planet, irrespective of their socio-economic
backgrounds, must have access to education that brings meaning and purpose to them

Through our Foundation for Equal Opportunity, we are committed to provide an opportunity to underprivileged children, to have
access to quality education that helps them to transform their future in a positive and sustainable manner:

Through our foundation, we wish to create a self sustaining ecosystem which collectively addresses the underprivileged.

Our channel for engagement is through

Do Good
Gain Good

Individual Volunteers

- Their time and commitment to making others great!

Tripura Multinational

- Our responsibility to serve back to the society that we cater to

Committed Grassroots Leadership Team

- Their dedication and experience working with the underprivileged

Partner Organisations

- Tapping into their expertise

Corporate Sponsors

- Leveraging their vast resources

To this effect we are currently focused on

Ensuring that every month we contribute a certain percentage of our earnings through our corporate engagements from our Driver 1 – Sales Performance Accelerated, towards this initiative

Leveraging our trusted channels to identify children who can gain maximum benefit from this initiative and be able to pursue education in their choice institutions for their growth and development

As an organisation, having roots in training and development, and also the privilege to develop people in large organisations, our internal grass-root leadership team will be focused to bring out specific learning workshops that caters to the needs and development of identified groups

Ensuring that our focus is not just main stream education that would warrant growth and development, but also providing opportunities to upskill in the area of life skills that can define a good future for them.

We wish to extend this learning potential to deserving talent in the lower echelons of the population, aligned with Tripura's all-encompassing vision, where such skills can bring lasting change to individuals, families and communities, removing barriers of finance and reach

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