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The counterintuitive nature of Sales Leadership is the fact that it is just not limited to Sales!

For Sales Leaders to realize their full potential, they need to bridge the gap between merit and success. There are six perspectives for leadership that help them bridge this gap, to become Global Leaders. ‘Global’ is not just limited to International but also encompasses different interconnected perspectives that round off leaders, to help them achieve their true potential. When we engage in discussions around Sales Leadership, we hear the following:

“Our leaders are just managers in disguise. Their view of leadership is participation in Strategic Planning sessions, driving large customer engagements and address town-hall sessions. We know that all these are just activities and do not correlate directly to their leadership potential. We wish we had a more holistic way of building our next generation of Sales Leaders .”
“Our Sales Leaders have grown through the ranks and they lead mostly by authority. In some of our leadership settings we see them lacking gravitas and necessarily possessing the network to accelerate their commitments. I wish, our Sales Leaders could build more Executive Presence and the ability to engage and influence the network . ”
“Our Sales Division is built on stress. Everybody gets told what to do and there is tremendous pressure built within the system to get things done. Our Leaders confuse telling for coaching and they are constantly dismayed as to why they cannot scale their business. It is not that we do not have smart people, it is just whether we are getting the best out of them ”

In our definition, Global Sales Leadership is built around six different perspectives:


Sales Leaders who have experienced our Global Sales Leadership and Coaching workshop tell us:

“My definition and understanding of leadership has broadened and deepened over the past three days. Little did I realize the core skills necessary for my own progress. The political perspective is my key take away for me, to broaden my network, increase my power and hence my ability to serve a larger cause.”

“I am a Sales Leader albeit an unhealthy one. I had no idea how the mind and the body were connected and how my lack of appreciation of the physical perspective of leadership, was impacting my own leadership journey. Thank you so much, I am now doing Yoga more regularly, more importantly I am encouraging my team members and colleagues to make health their top priority.”

“The session on Archetypes was mind blowing. I could sense my inner struggles as I struggled to unleash the different emotions hidden within me. I am ever so grateful to you to have provided me this opportunity to experience the emotions that I never knew I had. Connecting these archetypes to leadership through situational fluency is my action to make myself a better leader”


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