In-Field Coaching

In Sales Coaching, in-field coaching trumps in-office coaching by a wide margin

While Coaching is the new mantra for sales effectiveness, there exists a gap between comprehension and execution. Our customers articulate it thus:

“I need to know the difference between good coaching and bad coaching on the field”
“While we embarked on the coaching exercise, I see my sales managers spend far more time in the office, than with the client along with their teams ”
“Are my sellers providing a distinct and differentiated experience to their customers? I wonder how my sales managers are able to coach to this expectation.”

When it comes to Sales, the impact of coaching is amplified by its application on the field. Our approach to field coaching involves:


Customers who have experienced the power of in-field coaching, acknowledge us for:

"It is amazing how are customers now perceive us differently. The very fact that we had a Master Coach on our call, made a significant impact on the customer – they now know that we are serious about their business results and success."

"In-field coaching works like magic – the ability to provide just-in-time coaching on the field has made a tremendous impact on our sellers’ willingness to change and our manager’s ability to uplift their quality of coaching."

"Ever since we launched in-field sales coaching, we see two important parameters of velocity and win-rate, increase tremendously. Coaching on the field, is helping us accelerate and upsize deals! "


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