Meet Priyaa & Venkat.

It was the year 2002, and a few weeks before Venkataraman (Venky’s) marriage to Sripriyaa, they decided to make a contribution to the education of under-privileged children. This was when they realized that there was a greater happiness in giving and a greater purpose to serve people through the power of education.

Fast forward to 2010, and Venky’s coach asked him, “What truly makes you happy”? Venky paused for a while and was surprised by what his heart revealed. His happiness stemmed from the desire to make others great through the power of education. Thus was the genesis for Tripura Multinational.

Our Story


Brand Story

The name Tripura was derived from Sanskrit and denoted the unlimited potential that exists within every human being and the infinite possibilities of the creator, preserver and destroyer.

The logo denotes the acceleration that we desire to provide to every stakeholder and organization, to make them gold stars.


Campus Story

In the Neuroscience of Persuasion, one of the elements of persuasion is to use the word ‘You’. Using the word ‘You’ makes people feel like they are part of the solution. In coming up with the name for our online learning platform, we wanted to keep it simple yet meaningful. We believe that it does not matter where you are in your learning journey, you can always STEP UP to the next level. STEP UP is also an acronym. It talks about the importance of the future of the world. How do you focus on Sustainability? How do you embrace Technology? How do you leverage the Ecosystem? And how do you work with People to get things done? In other words, how do you unleash the Unlimited Potential that you have?

UStepUP Campus is an amalgamation of You, the Possibilities for the world and celebrating your Potential.

Are U ready to StepUp?

What started out as a business to bridge the skill gaps for Sales Professionals morphed into multi-disciplinary engagements that included Sales Managers and Sales Leaders operating at a higher level through the power of Sales Coaching.

We are indeed indebted to our customers who provided us the opportunity to engage deeply and meaningfully to deliver outstanding results. Whether it be $5 Billion of net new pipeline generated or the $3 Billion of opportunities that gets filtered through our copyrighted Deal Qualification Framework, the scope and depth of what we have achieved over the last decade is a testament to the trust extended by our customers.

We approach the next decade with confidence and optimism to extend our skill with scale and speed. This is the decade when we will leverage the power of digital to reach hundreds of millions of students and sales professionals, to help them move from good to great to world class.

Our purpose is to empower your sales organization to transition from good to, great to world-class.

In your transition and transformation, we seek to triangulate the possibilities of sales skills, management skills and leadership skills.

You can now build a sales capability maturity model for your organization that empowers every level within your sales organization.

It is our belief that sales skills are life skills and “teaching sales” should become a norm at all graduate and post-graduate levels. To accomplish this, we seek to partner with like-minded organizations and governments to embed Sales as a Profession and an Aspiration.

We look forward to the intersection of our capabilities and purpose with your expectations and aspirations.

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Our Purpose

Our vision is
to touch and transform
a 100 million lives by 2025 and


lives by 2030.

Principles that underpin our purpose

We believe that customer business results are paramount.

We therefore continuously innovate around our content, conduct and experiences to maximize learning and its sustenance.

Some of our innovations that have translated into differentiated business results for our customers include:

Our Innovation

The design of a deal-qualification framework that is simple yet comprehensive to help your teams discover risks and build mitigation plans for your largest opportunities.

The design and development of simple yet sophisticated frameworks on sales skills, management capabilities and coaching possibilities, that inform and stretch people’s thinking to execute with greater rigor.

The use of mnemonics in our instruction set to enable easier recall and greater application.

Investing in the interplay of knowledge transfer and on-the-job application of such knowledge, with an overlay of coaching. This will build sales managerial capability to lead independently even after the engagement.

Balance Sales Coaching Engagements between the “appreciation for coaching” and the “application of coaching”, so that sales organizations can build and leverage a coaching culture that helps them achieve world class results in an atmosphere of positivity and possibility.


We are looking forward to the integration of technology and analytics so that sales organizations can leverage their investments better.

This fulfills our core focus on Sales called


SASTRA will become the foundation for all our engagements with organizations and educational institutions

The world's best brands trust Tripura for accelerating their Sales performance.