The Front Line Sales Manager (FLSM) is the fulcrum for change in any organisation. The performance of a sales team is hinged upon the ability of the FLSM to coach their teams across the opportunity Life-Cycle

We hear different types of requests from our customers:

“Our Sales teams are complaining that they derive no value from their manager. At best, their managers review them, at worst they find fault in their team members. We need to remedy this situation.”
“I know our front line sales managers are key to driving change in our Sales teams - only thing is we don’t know how to make them develop great teams.”
“The one thing we lack in our sales organisation is discipline. Our managers don’t lead by example, they don’t coach to the behaviours we require, and this is not getting us the results we deserve. We want to provide our managers an opportunity to change for the better ”

The sales rhythm in many organisations remain similar – Pipeline development, Deal qualification and review, Forecasting, and Value delivery. While the processes remain fairly constant, the differentiator is the value added at every stage of the process. In fact the value added through good coaching by the FLSMs has a ‘multiplier impact’ on the effectiveness of the sales process. When this coaching is targeted at teams that work together, it helps the teams leverage each other better to effect a higher customer outcome.

Our group coaching engagements focused on coaching to the opportunity life cycle, is now helping managers move beyond process adherence to value addition. Through the value added through coaching, managers are now able to gain additional commitment from their teams on process discipline.


Business & Sales leaders who have observed their managers within these workshops,
and their subsequent transformation, tell us :

"Our managers now know the difference between good coaching and bad coaching. More importantly, they now understand that telling is not coaching. I am glad that this workshop helped us elevate our understanding of the power and process of coaching ."

"The ability to ask powerful questions, is fundamental to our managers growing into leaders. This workshop helped our managers to learn to ask powerful questions - questions that makes the other person think. Building this capability to ask powerful questions, is helping our mangers get more from their internal and external customers ."

"Leading by example on coaching, is helping our managers develop a positive work culture to improve overall team performance. Team meetings have now transformed from punitive stressful meetings to positive aspirational meetings - this culture change is driving a huge positive change in our revenue attainment"


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