Our customers respect us for four core deliverables:


World-class sales facilitation at all levels of the sales organization


Leading edge and differentiated content for sales and sales management


Sales Coaching engagements that transform individuals , synergize teams and help sales organizations build a coaching culture


Leverage the power of virtual learning to maximize engagement opportunity and to drive sustainable change through reinforcement calls and coaching sessions

Market leaders in their respective industries and segments trust us to make their best better.

Our manifestation of our relentless focus on delivering excellence in every engagement.

Clients engaged through our partners

World-Class partnerships that elevate you.



We believe that every customer should be able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) in the common language of money, KPI and measurement. We believe in closed-loop engagements that requires every delegate to share their learnings, actions and sustenance plans along with goals, measures and milestones, so that the cadence of accountability can be built for every engagement.


of Opportunities filtered through our VICTORYTM Deal Qualification Framework


of Net New Opportunities identified through Coaching Account Planning


Coached Sales Leaders & Managers across the globe with a combined Sales Accountability


Deal Strategy Reviews & Coaching of Deals

3x & 10x

Growth Strategies as part of long-range planning


hours of facilitation experience across 25 different countries


hours of Coaching across 25 nationalities


the number of million-dollar deals in virtual selling environments



Sales Transformation Engagements

Sales Coaching Engagements​

Customer Results - Case Studies

Sales Audiences

Build Better Sales Leaders

Empowering Sales Leaders in achieving their aspiration to become the best subsidiary in the world.

Build Better Sales Managers

Coaching Sales Managers across Asia to appreciate and apply the power of coaching for sustained sales performance

Build Better Sales Teams

Coaching Sales Managers to build multimillion-dollar pipelines for one of the largest enterprise business software companies

Build Better Sales Professionals

Sales foundations for success at a large business software and services consulting firm.

Sales Offerings

Plan Better

Coaching Account Planning across world-wide enterprise teams for one of the largest software firms in the world

Qualify Better

Traversing the journey from “hopecasting” to forecasting for one the largest software companies in the world

Orchestrate Better

Complex Deal Orchestration

Expand Better

Customer success driving incremental revenue outcomes

Sales Segments


Advancing 5G through Insights


Coaching at the customer interfaces that matter

Sales GoTo Market

Partner Ecosystem

Synergizing Partnerships, Amplifying Joint Results

Digital Sales (Inside Sales)

Amplifying the impact of Inside Sales by focusing on million-dollar opportunities

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Leadership Skills development for the new – reality

The world's best brands trust Tripura for accelerating their Sales performance.