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We believe that every customer should be able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) in the common language of money, KPI and measurement. We believe in closed-loop engagements that requires every delegate to share their learnings, actions and sustenance plans along with goals, measures and milestones, so that the cadence of accountability can be built for every engagement.


of Opportunities filtered through our VICTORYTM Deal Qualification Framework


of Net New Opportunities identified through Coaching Account Planning


Coached Sales Leaders & Managers across the globe with a combined Sales Accountability


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3x & 10x

Growth Strategies as part of long-range planning


hours of facilitation experience across 25 different countries


hours of Coaching across 25 nationalities


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Sales Transformation Engagements


Sales Coaching Engagements

Customer Results - Case Studies

Sales Audiences


Empowering Sales Leaders in achieving their aspiration to become the best subsidiary in the world

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

The Japan leadership team of one of the largest application software companies aspired to become the best subsidiary in the world. They had achieved this, three years back, but inconsistent execution and the lack of focus and direction was hampering their aspiration.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

Tripura took a three-pronged approach to help the Sales Leaders in the Japan team to realize their aspirations –
  1. Fine-tuned their abilities on Sales Basics of Deal Qualification and running powerful meetings
  2. Build the capacity of the Sales Vice-Presidents to coach their teams to identify hundreds and millions of dollars of net-new pipeline
  3. Individually coached each of the Sales Vice-Presidents to help them confront their realities and remove their road- blocks to their aspirations

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

Within four quarters of our engagement, it was quite obvious that all the business indicators were trending in the right direction – the anointment as the best subsidiary in the world just seemed a formality. In addition to a sense of fulfillment, there was tremendous collective pride established within the Japan team, that helped them sustain their excellence in the subsequent fiscals as well.

Coaching Sales Managers across Asia to appreciate and apply the power of coaching for sustained sales performance

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

One of the world’s largest software companies decided to establish an inside (digital) sales team across Asia to help lower the cost of sale and to amplify the acquisition of net new customers. Given the relative newness of the team and the extent of their addressable opportunity, it was felt that coaching would be a good investment to build their self- awareness, self-discipline and raise their execution quotient to achieve their aspirational results.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

We designed a coaching engagement that brought together the best of our experience, coaching sales managers across the globe. There were three specific areas of focus that helped the managers over deliver on their aspirational commitment for the fiscal:

  1. Plan for adequate number of coaching sessions (15 sessions over a period of nine months), to help the managers truly appreciate and absorb the power of coaching.
  2. Balance the coaching sessions equally between the appreciation of coaching and the application of coaching.
  3. Identify individual, team and organizational challenges that the coachee could effectively apply their coaching skills to, which included their customer and their partner as well.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

All of the market areas across Asia over delivered on their commitment for the fiscal. It was quite obvious that their appreciation and application of coaching helped create bonding and aspiration within their teams that still sustains their collective passion for excellence.

Coaching Sales Managers to build multimillion-dollar pipelines for one of the largest enterprise business software companies

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

The enterprise team of one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world discovered a need to significantly improve the quality of their pipeline. In addition, they needed their managers to improve their coaching skills so that they are able to drive sustenance within the business. These two requirements needed to be blended together. They reached out to Tripura Multinational to fulfil these two goals.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

As part of this engagement, we decided to use coaching as the fulcrum for change. We led by example on the first account plan as the entire team got together to be coached to a higher aspiration. All of the sales managers observed this demonstration of coaching to understand the finer nuances of coaching, facilitation and project management. The art of asking hard questions in a soft way, structuring the conversation towards specific outcomes and facilitating everybody’s contribution and ownership to the process were key take-aways by the managers.

For the next account, one of the sales managers had to step up and replicate what they had observed earlier using their own style of facilitation and coaching. The power of observation and application, provided each manager with a tremendous opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to bring out the best in the account teams.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

With this particular customer, around $125 Million dollars of net new revenue was identified (globally, the same methodology has been used to generate over $5Billion of net new potential opportunities world-wide). In addition to the discovery of the pipeline, the managers were also coached to stay accountable to the qualification, acceleration and closure of the pipeline as well. Within the first three months, this initiative yielded an additional $8 million of revenue which could not have happened without this engagement. Moreover, this methodology has been leveraged by each one of the managers to coach each of their account teams to generate millions of dollars of net new pipeline.

Sales foundations for success at a large business software and services consulting firm.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

The Malaysian Subsidiary of a large software and services consulting firm had suffered constant turnover in its leadership, that prevented its ability to meet its quarterly fiscal commitment for a couple of years. The newly, appointed expat Managing Director diagnosed correctly that the entire team needed a common foundation for the core skills required to engage with customers and partners. They called this “Sales Foundations for Success” and rolled it out across multiple phases over a period of six months.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

Our design of this engagement included three components:

  1. A workshop to level-set all the core key selling skills
  2. Rigorous qualification of top deals to ensure application of knowledge games
  3. Joint-Customer meetings to translate learnings into articulation within customer engagement, so that the customer could acknowledge the differentiation.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

Every person within the subsidiary, now had a common vocabulary to diagnose, engage and differentiate with their clients. This allowed them to improve the quality of their deal qualification and deal progression, thus leading to higher forecast accuracy and greater credibility within the region. The sustenance of good results also helped the expat leader to identify and develop a local leader who could take over and build on these sales foundations for success.

Sales Offerings


Coaching Account Planning across world-wide enterprise teams for one of the largest software firms in the world

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

With an expanding product portfolio and an emerging innovation pipeline, it was imperative for this software company to have a pipeline that is representative of their mainstream and upcoming products. They also wanted a methodology that is simple yet scalable that can be driven within any subsidiary in the world.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

To fulfill the multiple custom requirements of this software company, we had to design a custom program that utilized coaching as the fulcrum for change and a pipeline tracking worksheet that encompassed mainstream and innovation products. 80% of the time used within every account plan was focused on discovering net new pipeline through coaching. The remaining 20% was focused on translating the discovery into specific product and capability requirements that could then be validated with the customer before being uploaded in the pipeline as a qualified opportunity.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

This methodology has yielded over $4Billion of net new pipeline in addition to hundreds of managers building their capability to coach their account teams to aspire for more. Overall, this combination of coaching, tracking and sustenance has helped this software major to leap-frog their rivals in terms of revenue and share performance.

Traversing the journey from “hopecasting” to forecasting for one the largest software companies in the world

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

When the deals start slipping, the quantum of reviews only go up. With multiple quarter commitments getting missed, our customer realized that turning the dial on reviews was becoming counter – productive. They decided to use our expertise to give a third-party verification and validation perspective to help their sales teams confront reality and the quality of qualification of their deals.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

Along with the customer, we identified the top 10 deals for the fiscal that are crucial for success. Deal coaching calls were structured with the entire opportunity team in attendance. After establishing a container of safety and showcasing empathy for the current deal situation, we leveraged the art of powerful questioning to help the opportunity teams think deeper and smarter about their value and differentiation. Combined with coaching around stakeholder management, competitive strategy, partner eco-system linkage and customer consensus, the opportunity teams were able to identify the top risks that confronted them and then built a strategy to mitigate those risks.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

Over 60% of the top 10 deals were closed as forecasted. In addition to learning the finer nuances of deal management, sales managers and regional leaders understood the importance of taking a coaching approach to progressing top deals towards closure. Sustenance of these learnings and their application to other deals in the pipeline is another positive fall out of this engagement.

Complex Deal Orchestration

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

It is said that one of the biggest organizational blind-spots is the assumption of alignment. While guidelines for teaming a sales process level was available, these systems failed when it came to complex deal orchestration, especially with deals greater than $10 million. This was the situation at one of the major technology companies transitioning their customers to the cloud and learning to have customer conversations that span multiple horizons.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

With clarity comes conviction. The first level of clarity that our customer needed was the fact that sales management and leadership are multi-disciplinary. Sellers needed to be good salespeople, facilitators and project managers. Sales managers and leaders, in addition need to be visionaries and disciplinarians. Most organizations do not invest in these multi-disciplinary skills, leave alone demonstrate and build capability to drive these skills. We had the opportunity to demonstrate the application of these skills with large opportunities so that managers can observe and apply those skills to other complex deals.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

The customer discovered, during this engagement that intent to collaborate does not necessarily translate into business results. In addition, the managers realized that global orchestration guidelines, required local customization for them to work in a complex deal construct. Clarifying the gives-gets across stakeholders, building the RACI matrix for execution and indexing progress to customer acknowledgements and outcomes, helped our client win a larger number of complex deals. The learnings from our engagement, is helping them to sustain and apply the same to other complex deals as well.

Customer success driving incremental revenue outcomes

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

The customer success team of a large business applications company wanted to invest in their customer success organization, to help them transform their service and support orientation to include revenue maximization. Their aspiration was to provide an additional 20% uplift to traditional revenue through the quality of their customer success engagements.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

We worked with the Asia customer engagement team to design a workshop that triangulated across customers, value and monetization. With value as the fulcrum for conversation, we reframed customer success focus into value realization and value proposition / creation. This intersection and connection of value helped them articulate how much the customer could gain and how much more can their organization drive. Using live accounts and opportunities, every customer success executive understood how much more value they could drive for their customers.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

The best part about this engagement is the realization by every customer success executive that their organizational expectation is well below the possibilities within every account within their territory. This realization helped them frame and re-prioritize their focus to drive a higher order of customer results. Customer surveys triggered every six months showed continuous improvement in their loyalty. Internal business systems showcased the over-achievement of this team with respect to their desired outcomes for upselling and cross-selling.

Sales Segments


Advancing 5G through Insights

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

The customer units of a large telecom equipment company felt the need to lead with differentiation with their customers. With rising competition from China, Korea and other European Markets, they had to showcase to their customers that they could drive differentiated results. This required the various members of the customer unit to be skilled up to play at a higher level.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

Teams that work together should learn together. For every Customer, equipment providers had a considerable number of people focused on serving the customer. The first element of engagement focused on clarifying how every team member showed up on their customer’s business results, in addition to the entire team influencing customer outcomes. As a team, they then built a set of insights that they could then test, validate and triangulate with the customer. Elements of stakeholder strategy and management were also covered to ensure a coordinated strategy and plan to execute with the customer.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

It is amazing how working back from the customer’s outcomes towards the service providers products and services showcases the missing links and the incorrect assumptions that underlie customer relationships. Once these blind- spots were uncovered, the team then set about plugging in these vulnerabilities as well as building a higher order plan to differentiate themselves with the customer. To help the team become pragmatic about its plans for the customer, we encouraged them to use Black Hat thinking to identify future potential risks and build mitigation plans thereof. This carefully crafted, choreographed and orchestrated plan helped every customer unit achieve more with their customers – greater valet share while driving greater customer EBITA for the customer.

Coaching at the customer interfaces that matter

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

One of the largest business applications providers in the world, discovered that their customer loyalty scores were trending lower in addition to their renewals getting more and more challenged. Some of their initiatives with e-learning and lunch and learn sessions were hardly making any difference to these customer scores. Moreover, high turnover at the leadership level was also impacting morale. We were brought in to re-energize, re-engage and rejuvenate the entire sales team so that they could start operating as a team to achieve more for their customers.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

Nothing happens until a customer buys something. Therefore, all our engagements were indexed around winning at the customer interface. This meant that every sales team member understood and appreciated the new normal at which they needed to operate with their customers. In addition to knowledge and skills, we focused more on behaviors, role-plays and the power of articulation / story telling.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

It is amazing how much learning can happen in a sales call, especially when it has a sales coach observing and providing feedback. Every sales call we participated in resulted in a rich harvest of observations and powerful feedback for the seller, helping them raise their awareness on how they could be operating at a different level. Credit goes to this customer who believed in the power of investing at the customer interfaces. With powerful feedback the teams started to operate differently with their customers and were able to gain better access to customer executives. This helped them to focus on organizational priorities for their customer and therefore craft larger deals that ensured their success. Customers were now happier that their organizational issues were getting resolved and our customer was happier for the greater morale and better results that this initiative provided.

Sales GoTo Market


Synergizing Partnerships, Amplifying Joint Results

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

At one of the largest software companies, the realization dawned that the plans on paper were not translating into hard results on the field. While the intent to partner was high between the two partner organizations, there seemed to be something missing in their ability to gain results together. They roped in Tripura Multinational to address these blind spots, in their relationship and results.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

We designed an engagement that married the rational and emotional aspect of the partnership, while focusing on the behaviors that unify and those that divide. Getting both parties to speak openly about possibilities, aspirations and challenges helped them confront reality and come to a uniform view of the possibilities within the relationship. Translating each of their respective learnings and actions helped build clarity, alignment and accountability to the partnership and its accelerated results.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

Both parties, on account of this engagement understood each other at a deeper level with respect to each other’s constraints, vulnerabilities and aspirations. Deepening their conversations on the gives and gets within the relationship and specific KPIs to track and measure their progress helped them raise the bar on a higher order of aspiration for the relationship. Action Plans to include appropriate stake holders in the execution plan and centering the execution around the customer also helped in cementing the relationship to deliver at a higher level.

Amplifying the impact of Inside Sales by focusing on million-dollar opportunities

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

Inside Sales has always been a favorite to drive a larger number of sales transactions at lower cost of sales. With Inside Sales morphing to become Digital Sales, one of the largest software organizations in the world decided that they now had enough data and insights that they can multiply the number of million-dollar deals. The gap off-course was not about technology – it was all about people, teams and productivity.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

We designed an engagement that focused on the front-line sales manager (FLSM) as the fulcrum for focus on multiplying the number of million – dollar deals.  This focus on the FLSM included a few sessions for their appreciation of coaching and the bulk of the sessions on the application of coaching, to help move the needle on million – dollar deals. This balance of focus which involved coaching opportunity pursuit teams as well as coaching to the customer interaction, built critical skills in the managers and in their ability to apply the power of coaching towards powerful business outcomes.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

There were three outcomes that point towards the effectiveness of this engagement:
  1. Most managers acknowledged that they now know of a greater level of preparation that helps to have differentiated conversations with customers.
  2. FLSMs also acknowledged that they now understand how to transform groups into teams and focus them towards powerful business outcomes with customers.
  3. The customer achieved their goal of more than doubling their number of million – dollar deals across Asia. The icing on the cake, was that a large number of these deals were Net New Deals, which means our customer gained a larger share of the addressable market.

Virtual Learning


“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Leadership Skills development for the new – reality

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-problem-iconCustomer Situation

With the advent of Covid-19, and the ensuing global lockdowns, most organizations were forced to adopt a virtual approach to engagement. The President of a $billion software organization decided that waiting for Covid-19 to pass over is not an option. Moreover, quarterly pressures were building up on the business and the leaders were expected to play differently in the new normal. They decided to bite the bullet to test a virtual engagement option for leadership skills development for the top 50 leaders within their enterprise.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-engagement-iconTripura Engagement

We had a deep conversation with the President of the organization to discover the key areas for focus, given the new reality. These centered around people management, process optimization and pipeline build. Given the virtual nature of the engagement, we designed a set of experiences and content that would help the leaders stay engaged while learning and contributing. Usage of breakout rooms, polls and pop-quizzes combined with powerful insights created a memorable experience for the leadership team.

tripura-multinational_customer-scenario-outcome-iconCustomer Outcome

All stakeholders benefitted from this engagement. The delegates overcame the trepidations of the virtual learning environment and dived whole-heartedly into the engagement, thus learning significantly from their investment of time. The leader gained inputs from each of the delegates on their learnings, actions and sustenance plan so that he could now aggregate these inputs, to plan the next series of engagements with his extended team. From a learning professional’s perspective, they gained the confidence that a virtual engagement could be as effective as an in-person engagement. Given the continued constraints on mobility, this virtual engagement option opened a plethora of possibilities for the entire business to consider.

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