Our Purpose

As the tradition goes, everyone is born into this world for a purpose – Tripura Multinational was born with a belief of making others great, to its founders Venkataraman Subramanyan and Sripriyaa Venkataraman.

Our Culture

Our Culture is rooted in our belief that within every human being resides immense potential, and it is our responsibility to help them unleash that potential for their own good, and for the greater good of the Universe. Our Vision, Values and Beliefs stem from this fundamental element of our organizational culture.

Our People & Diversity

We believe that our growth towards our vision will be accelerated through Our People – their passion, alignment and thought diversity. Every team member is hired for not just the skills and capability they bring to a role, but, in addition have the opportunity to realize their potential “Who they truly could be”!

This commitment for seeing team members for who they could truly be, is also aided by our focus on building diversity within our teams. It is said that diversity is the shortest route to innovation and we strongly believe that we need to provide an environment for every team member to thrive to attain their true potential.

We also believe in the power of experts as practitioners and facilitators, which helps us attract some of the best industry leaders with great credentials and commitment, to driving excellence within our client organisations.

Together, as a team we are committed to making others great!

Our Founding Team

Clarity of vision, constant innovation, passion for execution, and a commitment to customer satisfaction

Our Core Internal Team

Commitment to the larger vision, excellence in project deliverables and a passion for customer success

Kavitha Chandrasekhar

Customer Success Multiplier

Harish Subbaraman

Customer Success Specialist

Anupama S Iyer

Customer Success Multiplier

S Sugavanam


PS Chandrasekhar

Legal & Compliance

Board of Advisors

Alignment to the larger vision, ensuring constructive tension, exploring possibilities, opening new avenues.

We are fortunate to benefit from the guidance and direction of our advisory board. In constituting this board, we ensured diversity in their range of experience, their passion, balanced by representation from different generations (X,Y, Millenials).

This board will guide us towards the establishment of multiple Institutions for Sustained Excellence, contributing to our common goal of empowering the next generation of leaders and collectively meet the vision to touch and transform a million lives by 2020 and a billion by 2030.

To be part of this journey of touching and transforming a million lives by 2020 and a billion by 2030,


and apply for the various open roles that best suits you.

Our Impact

We measure ourselves through our customer success and it is their enduring success that leads to our continued engagement. Some of the successes that our customers have credited us for:


We are thankful for the trust of our Clients and Partners who have helped us create a strong foundation over the last seven years, enabling us to surge ahead into our new phase of growth!

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