Our Purpose

As the tradition goes, everyone is born into this world for a purpose – Tripura Multinational was born with a belief of making others great, to its founders Venkataraman Subramanyan and Sripriyaa Venkataraman.

At the very beginning in July 2010, “Making others great” seemed larger-than-life. Thus to achieve this purpose, Tripura Multinational started with what the founders knew best

Sales and Consulting

Our initial years were focused on establishing a sales consulting, training and coaching practice

With every client engagement there were newer learnings, insights and experiences, which helped us to build a rich repository of sales performance expertise that serve as valuable insights to our clients and engagements. We spent considerable years to set a strong foundation for our Sales Excellence and Execution Effectiveness practice.

Our purpose transformed when we moved into coaching where we were able to see the transformational results through the power of coaching. At this stage, we believed it was the right time to set organisational goals that were beyond our reach, which would help us transform as a business – Multiplier and Game-changer mind-set!

Multiplier Game-changer mindset!

It would be a lie if we said all this clarity and conviction was served to us on a silver platter.

We have had our fair share of bumps, roadblocks, rat-holes and distractions.

Having overcome these potholes of ignorance, our advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs:

Today as a larger team, we are humbled and privileged to say that the path towards our purpose is more clear and aligned to truly making others great with our powerful vision to

Our current vision to touch and transform a million lives by 2020 and a billion lives by 2030

The drivers of this vision are our -

Sales Performance >>> Accelerated

Institution for Sustained Excellece

Foundation for Equal Opportunity

We synthesise universal principles, we blend it with our unique experience, and we empower others to discover and fulfil their higher purpose

Our Culture

Our Culture is rooted in our belief that within every human being resides immense potential, and it is our responsibility to help them unleash that potential for their own good, and for the greater good of the Universe. Our Vision, Values and Beliefs stem from this fundamental element of our organizational culture.

Our People & Diversity

For every team member our underlying belief is: With us “It is not They Are but who They Could be”. By this we mean, that every individual in the team brings their unique expertise that drives excellence in every internal and client engagement. At the same time they have the opportunity to grow and build on to become who they could truly be.

Our Impact

We measure ourselves through our customer's success and it is their enduring success that leads to our continued engagement. Some of the successes that our customers have credited us for:


We are thankful for the trust of our Clients and Partners who have helped us create a strong foundation over the last seven years, enabling us to surge ahead into our new phase of growth!

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