Every role at Tripura strives to keep the Customer at the Center. We believe in measuring ourselves through customer value addition that can be traced back to our engagement and people.

Executive Team


Venkataraman Subramanyan

Founder, Director – Sales Effectiveness and Execution Excellence

Venkataraman Subramanyan (Venkat) is the Founder and CEO of  Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab. His mission is to touch and transform a hundred million lives by 2025, and a billion lives by 2030.

He seeks to fulfil this mission through the two organizations he founded – Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab. Both organizations have a foundational promise of making others great – only their focus areas differ. While Tripura Multinational is all about building world class sales professionals and organizations, Global Coaching Lab is all about Leadership development, women empowerment and executive coaching.

Venkat’s personal values are reflected within his organizations – the belief in people and their immense potential, leading with honesty and integrity, showcasing a drive for excellence and a passion to be world class in every engagement the companies drive. Venkat believes that leaders need to be practitioners as well – leading by example is a key trait of leadership. In addition to setting the direction for the organizations and engaging with customers, Venkat leads various workshops and coaches’ multiple leaders. All engagements are indexed to specific business results, so that clients can achieve measurable ROI in every engagement.


Some powerful keynote sessions delivered by Venkataraman Subramanyan

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If you would like to energize your sales meetings and gain Insights on running a better sales organization, Request for a keynote from Venkat.

Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Founder, Director-Innovation & Executive Coach

Sripriyaa Venkataraman (Priya) established the Coaching Practice for Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab and currently leads the Innovation and Operations functions for them. Priya is an ICF certified Executive Coach and has enjoyed the opportunity to coach leaders from different countries, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. Her desire to elevate the influence and impact of coaching led to the establishment of a leadership development organization called Global Coaching Lab. It also led to working with an extensive network of executive coaches to address large organizational development and transformation initiatives in Asia Pacific and India.

Priya focuses her coaching on two specific areas: Executive Coaching and Cross- Cultural Diversity Coaching.

As an Executive Coach, Priya works with business leaders and managers to help them create newer thinking and behavior to achieve excellence in their roles. She takes the courage to challenge their existing approaches to their business and people to create aspirational goals and successfully execute them. Priya harnesses the power of global leadership and developmental frameworks to bring out the best in her coachees. Business executives coached by her say that their acceleration towards their goals have been smarter, faster, and better.


Engagement Team

We believe that our growth towards our vision will be accelerated through Our People and their passion, alignment and thought diversity. Every team member is hired not just for the skills and capability they would bring to the role, but to also have the opportunity to realize their full potential of “Who they could truly be”!

This commitment is also aided by our focus on building diversity within our teams. It is said that diversity is the shortest route to innovation, and we strongly believe that we need to provide an environment for every team member to thrive so they can attain their true potential.


Kumar Somayajilu​

Director, Business Development​
In my previous organization, I was blessed to undergo Sales Effectiveness Coaching conducted by Tripura Multinational. Here is an organization which is genuinely interested in making others great. Here is an organization which wants to uplift the Sales fraternity. Here is an organization which positively impacts every customer with tangible and measurable results. When I sensed an opportunity, I grabbed it with both hands and joined Tripura Multinational, as nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing the customers’ success through our engagements. I look forward to creating customer value in an environment where I get the opportunity to learn, apply and thrive.


Prasad Panapakkam​

Senior Manager, Business Development​
I found the interview process at Tripura significantly different focusing on my Potential and Possibilities rather than on past performance. I had multiple “AHA” moments during my discussions with Venkat which I now realize were Coaching sessions instead of a standard interview. It was the mission of Tripura to move people from Good to Great to World Class, that made me to join. I like the new adage “Sales Skills are Life Skills” and find many organizations & professionals struggling in this front. My role of helping clients to address the Business Development challenges and realize business value motivates me every day.

tripura-multinational-team-kavitha 2

Kavitha Chandrasekhar

Client Delivery & Partner Success Manager
Tripura Multinational has been a catalyst in the transformation journey of many organizations and individuals. I chose to work at Tripura, because as an organization it believes that every employee has tremendous potential, and we are taught to fill our hearts with the need to make others successful. The collaborative working style has helped me evolve in the role, given me clarity to learn and become the kind of contributor I want to be. As the Partner Success Manager, I can see myself not only enabling successful sales coaching and sales enablement deliveries but also building and nurturing a learning community. I am looking forward to discovering the larger ‘Me’ in this journey.


Rashmi Gogna

Leadership Transformation Specialist
Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to transform businesses with over 25 years of experience across Asia, I am committed to helping companies achieve their full potential. As a leadership transformation specialist, I take pride in creating unique roadmaps for growth and development, an environment where one feels empowered, supported, and challenged to reach one's full potential with Tripura Multinational, who are transformation architects and builders of high-performing Sales Teams.


Sowmya Nair

Manager, Digital Learning Experience Design & Digital Marketing
I read the vision statement “To Touch and Transform a hundred million lives by 2025 and a billion lives by 2030” and wondered why an organization would tie their vision to the betterment of others. I’ve always perceived business as something that is self-indulgent. Tripura brought about a paradigm shift in that perception. I have now seen the leadership team working hard to give back to the Sales Fraternity and the Sales practice, staying true to their vision. I am glad to have joined at a time when Tripura is going digital. The learning is immense and the freedom to explore and take setbacks with a pinch of salt is what sets this organization apart. This freedom drives in me the zeal to do more, be more. I know its onwards and upwards from here.


Sugavanam Sundaresan​

Finance, Accounts and Administration
My role at Tripura Multinational suits my skills aptly and I get the opportunity to contribute to a larger purpose each day. The values of the organization and the continuous learning environment here, has helped me evolve professionally and personally. The team here creates new opportunities for me to learn and understand the work which I feel is the motivating factor for me to keep contributing.


Harsha Ramaiah

General Manager - South Asia
With more than 27 years of business management experience spanning Asia and other global markets, my career is marked by a passion for driving transformative growth in emerging markets and developing enterprise business models. As a seasoned leader, I have excelled in managing large-scale businesses and nurturing diverse teams, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Ian Lyall Tripura Multinational Facilitator Coach our team

Ian Lyall

Sales and Leadership Facilitator
I have been working as a Sales, Leadership Facilitator and Performance Coach, focused on helping leaders and individuals achieve transformational growth and results. After 25 years of global business management experience in Asia, Europe, and the United States, when I explored the opportunities at Tripura Multinational, I knew I had found the right place to help others achieve transformational growth and results.

Chandrani-datta-Content-Manager-Tripura-Multinational-Singapore-our-team 2

Chandrani Datta

Manager, Content Research and Development
As a content editor and manager, I would be excited by the possibility of learning different forms of writing and doing meaningful work to make a difference in other people’s lives. Given my varied interests in all kinds of content collateral, I realised that Tripura Multinational offered me the space to “make others great” and be a part of their transformational journey.


Abilash Ramanathan

Specialist, Creative Communications
I am with Tripura not by chance but due to my education, background and hands on experience in digital media and marketing. The display and screen presentation that the world sees is through the hands of behind the scenes executives like me. I want my exposure to be seen in an organisation like this to learn and develop in enabling mutual efficiency.


P S Chandrasekhar

Executive Director, Legal and Compliance​
Creativity, a sense of ownership and a strong drive to deliver results has been the fulcrum of Tripura and the reason that resonated with me to join the team. With my extensive experience in law, I can help the organisation in their journey to make others great and this gives me immense satisfaction.

Srinivas Rao C H​

Digital Analytics and Business Insights Specialist
I am enthusiastic about creating high performing teams for customers through effective and efficient sales processes. I wish to share the proven methodologies that motivates, inspires, and fosters a collaborative spirit and I can do this through Tripura Multinational. The extent to which team members share information, ideas, opinions, and perspectives with one another in order to create a great customer experience is truly inspiring.