Partner Sales Academy

Partners appreciate what to sell, but their business differentiates through how to sell.

Partners are an organisation’s extended sales force. Their struggle is to align to the Principal’s Sales Process, and simplify their execution, so that they are able to differentiate themselves in the market place. What we constantly hear from Channel Partners –

“Every Principal tells us that their product is world-class and delivers maximum value to customers – what confounds us, is the ability to delineate between similar sounding alternatives, and differentiate ourselves in the market”
“We generate leads for our Principals, but nothing happens. They get their metrics met, however our business is not growing, nor thriving ”
“The workshops and trainings conducted by our Principals are good – however, we are unable to sustain the momentum. We need help to embrace the new normal of the VUCA world and “Digital Transformation ”.

Having worked with hundreds of Channel Partners, we have realised that they need certain key capabilities:


Channel Partners and Principals who have benefited from our engagement
acknowledge us for –

"This is the first time we understood what we don’t know. B2B sales require far more rigour than we imagined. Thanks to the Partner Sales Academy, we now have the capability to confidently go into newer markets and create measurable value for our customers."

"I am glad, we brought our top accounts and opportunities to the workshop. We now know how much we need to know. In fact the Partner Sales Academy has helped us move beyond ‘hopecasting’ to forecasting."

"The Partner Sales Academy has been so valuable to our Partners that we have seen a significant uptick in the number of opportunities with the Partners as the source. "


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