"The pool of shared meaning is the birthplace of synergy" - Kerry Patterson Synergy is when the team’s collective output is much higher than every individual’s input

Our experience over the past decade tells us that the account planning exercise is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a team, and derive greater clarity and insight into the customer planning process. However, customers tell us:

"What is surprising, are the number of spectators on every account planning meeting! Mostly it’s only the sales person who is contributing. Is there a way where everyone could be a contributor?"
“We have so many people at the account planning table – all of them are committed to making the customer successful. However they are all talking at cross-purposes. I wish we had better clarity and alignment in how these different roles approach and contribute to account planning. ”
“It is easy to label white space as opportunity. What matters more, are the actions that every team member takes to turn these potential opportunities into qualified opportunities. Why is it that we have only the account rep taking up all of the actions?”
There has to be a BETTER way!

The essence of facilitating an account planning discussion is to tap into the capability of every individual, and to sequence their contributions, so that we have a rich discussion leading to insights and opportunities. The ‘Planning Orchestration & Synergy’ workshop empowers account teams to achieve the following:


Based on successes with a number of workshops, we are seeing some
positive acknowledgement from our customers:

"I like the productive tension that you create during the workshop. This keeps everyone alert, engaged, and contributing. What is impressive is the breadth of detail we cover in a short period of time ."

"The core account team and the virtual account team, now have a better understanding of their roles and contributions to customer success. The facilitator’s ability to split opportunity discovery across Technology, Line of Business, and Verticals, actually helped our teams to focus their thinking, and connect the dots better to potential opportunities ."

"Once we start operating as a team, it does not matter whether people are physically present or contributing virtually. This is helping us reduce travel costs, while still increasing the effectiveness of every account planning session. We are getting true value out of the Virtual Account Team we have established"


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