If the sales process looks tough, the buying process represents a minefield! Too many sales people get amputated in this minefield

Some of our clients have the following to say:

“All of our sales people have a Close Plan - the only problem is that many of these deals don’t close. What we have discovered, is that the Close Plan is our view and it contains nothing about how the customer wants to move forward. Is there a way we can flip our sellers’ thinking to think ‘buyer first’? ”
“We are often surprised when forecasted deals don’t close. What is disappointing, is that we get to know this very close to quarter end. What is unacceptable is that these deals do not close even in the subsequent quarter. Is there a way we could improve this sad state of affairs?”
“We meet two enemies at every customer – status quo and lowest price. Our sales people are constantly battling these enemies, and it seems that we can never extricate ourselves from these battles, to play at a higher level. We wish we had a way to break this dysfunctional selling behavior.”

When risk goes up, the number of decision makers multiply. Sellers need the ability to navigate this matrix – more importantly they need to enable the customer to gain a higher decision out of their own matrix. This ability to understand the customers key players, and their buying process is a fundamental step in customer engagement. Added to this, is the need to understand the beliefs behind each decision for every decision maker, at every stage of the buying process. This is further complicated since the seller now needs to ensure that the customer does not revert to no decision, or lowest price.

This workshop is an outside-in approach to understanding, navigating and controlling the customer buying and value realisation process.


Customers who have experienced the power of this workshop, tell us:

"Thanks to your Control Sheet, we now have a better way to understand our customer’s buying process. Their beliefs behind their decisions is a brilliant way to understand, influence, and navigate their buying process. We now have richer deal reviews thanks to your frameworks."

"Thanks to your multiple roleplays, our sellers and managers are now able to address customer concerns better. More importantly, they are able to influence and navigate their beliefs while also anticipating and removing roadblocks. This workshop taught us that we should never assume that our sellers could handle all customer objections. ‘Being hard on the issue and soft on the person’, is something that all our sellers follow diligently ."

"Our sales trainings focused so much on the sellers’ sales process that we missed the need to be controlling and navigating the buyers buying process. That control comes through the political acumen and the coaching capability of our sellers to drive a greater consensus among the customers’ multiple decision makers. Leveraging the consensus to build a roadmap to value realisation is now differentiating our sellers from other vendors"


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