All sales people suffer from a disease that they will never acknowledge – it is called ‘Irrational Optimism’. Even with the diagnosis, they are still unable to move from ‘Hopecasting’ to Forecasting!

Some of our clients who consider us as trusted advisors, often voice their feelings of helplessness around deal qualification to us

“We missed our forecast again! The sad part is we dropped our forecast by 50% in the last two days of the quarter. We had no hope of recovery from that late shock.”
“Our pipeline is full – we have the volume, but the majority of deals are stalled. It seems like a false economy. Wish we had a good way to build velocity into our pipeline. ”
“There is so much run-rate with small deals in our business, that our Field has now become very transactional. I wish we had some really large deals that will de-risk our pipeline and revenue ”

These disparate needs around deal qualification, motivated us to develop a simple yet sophisticated framework, that has now become a global standard in many organisations over the past 5 years. This VIBGYOR framework is now a mnemonic that thousands of sales people use across the globe and currently processes over $4 Billion of opportunities every year.

For those customers with their custom deal qualification mechanisms, we blend in the insights from the VIBGYOR framework to finally ensure that salespeople qualify their deals much better.


After adopting this framework, clients tell us :

“We now know which deals we need to qualify out. With the remaining deals, we now know how we can upsize, and add momentum to these deals to increase our
win-rate .”

“With the VIBGYOR framework, we now know how little we know about our own opportunities. More importantly we now know what we should be doing specifically to move our deals forward .”

“It is amazing how internally focused we have become. Your deal qualification framework helps us think outside-in and exposes how little we know of the customer’s beliefs behind their buying process. This simple switch to outside-in thinking has brought great momentum to our pipeline “


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