Sales coaching is a powerful tool that can have a game-changing impact on an organization’s sales performance. It’s more than just training; it’s a personalized, ongoing process that helps salespeople, sales teams and sales leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop new skills, and close more deals.

The power of sales coaching can lead to

Increased sales​

Studies have shown that companies with strong sales coaching programs have win rates that are 28% higher than their competitors. This is because coaching helps salespeople close more deals by improving their communication, negotiation, and objection handling skills.

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Salespeople who feel supported and coached are more engaged and motivated, which leads to higher morale and lower turnover. Coaching can also help salespeople build confidence and resilience, which are essential for success in sales.

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A strong sales culture is one where everyone is focused on continuous improvement. Sales coaching can help create this culture by providing a framework for salespeople to learn and grow. When everyone is working together to improve, the entire sales team benefits.

Organizations across the globe are investing significant time and resources in training to enhance the skills and knowledge of their sellers. However, they struggle to reap the full benefits since the behavior of the seller is an important aspect determining his/her success in the field.

Sales Coaching comes into play as the fulcrum for change and to instill the desired and sustainable behaviors in the sellers.

Sales coaching has evolved over the years and Tripura offers coaching in multiple dimensions depending on the aspiration/challenges of the organization.

How do we engage?

There are 4 focus areas for sales coaching.

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Coaching the Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is the fulcrum/core of a sales organization. Strengthening this core has a multiplier effect on the teams and clients they serve, resulting in significant gains for the organization.  We empower Sales Managers to become a better version of themselves by excelling in Self, Team, and Customer/business leadership through 1:1 (individual) coaching. We enable them to set up SMART aspirational goals and help them move from good sales managers to world class sales managers.


Coaching the Sales teams.

It is our firm belief that people who work together must learn together. Our sales team coaching engagements are aimed at empowering the Sales teams to align towards a common vision and work in unison to achieve individual and collective results.

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Account planning is conducted as an annual ritual in some organizations with plans remaining on paper and not implemented in the field. Some of the reasons for this challenge are- account manager preparing the plan in silo, non-participation of customer in the process and not validating the account information within customer organization.  Tripura empowers sellers to create in-depth account plans spread over multi years by bringing all those responsible to serve the account together and collaborating in an environment of possibility. The draft plan is then validated with a customer champion and fine-tuned. The account manager then triangulates the plan with 3 more CXOs within the account to gain their inputs. A multi horizon plan drafted by involving all the stakeholders, validated, and triangulated with the customer results in better implementation and outcomes.

Some sellers suffer from a disease called Hope casting and expect deals to be won without adequate customer/competition intelligence and field work.  This misplaced optimism results in wrong commitments and rude surprises at the month end. Tripura has developed a simple and sophisticated framework VICTORY which helps sellers to exercise deal qualification and control.  Sellers bring their largest deal to the workshop, learn the components of VICTORY, and apply to progress the deals. Often our customers request for a deal review coaching sessions for their top deals after the workshop.

The single biggest competitive advantage for organizations is Teamwork. Sellers working in large organizations serving marquee enterprise customers need to master the art of internal and external orchestration. The internal orchestration is to marshal the Presales, Product, Delivery, Service line, Industry teams etc. to create powerful value propositions for customers and present an one organization face. The external orchestration involves working with Channel Partners, Principals, Consultants etc. to create an integrated solution. The biggest challenge is that most sellers know the what of orchestration but are not sure of the HOW.  Tripura can help the sellers to achieve greater internal and external orchestration to win more.

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Coaching at the Crucial Interfaces - Customer Interface and Partner Interface.

In Sales, infield coaching beats classroom sessions by a wide margin. Coaching at the Customer and partner Interface has proved to be a powerful and result-oriented approach to elevate sales outcomes. The process involves in-depth Preparation for a meeting, followed by Customer or Partner conversation and debrief after the meeting by the coach. The efficacy of the seller’s conversation is gauged by the actions customer or partner takes after the meeting.

What can you achieve through effective sales coaching:


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