A globally leveraged Sales Deal Qualification Framework by Fortune 50 companies.

VICTORY is a trusted deal qualification framework that can be easily blended with your Sales CRM for better deal claosures.


Predictability of results is of paramount importance to CEOs in the BANI world. Forecast accuracy of order booking has a spiral effect on the revenue, profitability, resource mobilization, deployment etc of the organization. While the intent of the Sales leaders, managers, and executives are to win the deals as committed, slippages and surprise loss of deals creates challenges in the system.

An acute problem during economic uncertainty is the deals getting stalled, pipeline paralysis and customer’s ghosting & avoiding the salesperson.

This challenge faced by Sales professionals made us develop a simple and sophisticated framework VICTORYTM which enables sellers to exercise deal qualification and control leading to predictable outcomes.

Sales Deal Qualification – VICTORY Framework

It is our belief that deal qualification is the core of selling. Just as the strength of the core defines the strength of the human being, the strength of deal qualification defines the strength of a sales organization.

Of the many challenges facing sales organizations, the one of ‘hope-casting’ is perhaps the most frustrating. Sellers are not the only one to be blamed.

Sales Managers rely on the intelligence of Sellers and commit order closures to management. Sales leaders feel the heat when large deals are lost or dropped by the customers, resulting in loss of face within the system. This is an “evergreen” problem faced by sales organizations. Over estimation is an inherent human characteristic. When sales leaders understand this nuance of psychology, they can then look out for ways to remove the dysfunction of hope-casting.

VICTORY is a panacea to the problems faced by the 3 layers of the Sales organization to drive pursuits in a scientific and structured manner.

What is VICTORY?

VICTORY TM deal qualification

The uniqueness of VICTORY as compared to other frameworks, is that it is not based on the sales process and seller actions but is focused on the buying process of customer and actions taken by the customer. Mastering the components of the framework and applying in the pursuits, will help the sellers to accelerate customers to action towards closure.

How likely are you to win your deal?

Take our well structured DEAL REVIEW ASSESSMENT

How do we engage?

Tripura Multinational conducts in-company VICTORY workshops either in person or virtually

The Sales Managers and Sellers come with their largest deal to the workshop. The workshop will be blend of gaining knowledge and skills on the VICTORY framework, and at the same time applying the learnings through their largest customer deals.  The discussion of the concepts with immediate application, results in sellers getting clarity on what it takes to progress the deals.

Sales Managers learn the nuances of reviewing the deals and coaching their team members to identify and mitigate the risks to win the deal.

Most of our customer engagements stem after they miss their forecast either for the quarter or the half. We then subject the top 10 deals for the next quarter to flow through our deal coaching sessions, so that the opportunity pursuit teams can assess the quality of their qualification, identify risks associated with the deal and develop actions to mitigate the risks discovered.

In addition to these powerful outcomes, sales teams also realize the extent of their integration and the split of responsibilities required to secure the top deals.

Sales teams going through our VICTORY Workshop will have the additional benefit of a comprehensive DEAL QUALIFICATION CHECKLIST
Based on popular demand, we now offer VICTORY as an e-learning course to organizations.  The course also serves as reinforcement for the participants of our VICTORY Deal Qualification workshops.

The Winning Formula To Close More Deals

How can you complete your full-year quota in 9 months? This course allows you to operate in the new normal of heightened customer expectations, to comprehensively qualify, grow, and accelerate your opportunities towards closure thereby improving your win rate and forecast accuracy significantly. Deep dive into VIBGYOR, our trademarked deal qualification framework which filters over $3 billion worth of opportunities for our clients every year.

What did our customers achieve through VICTORY?

What our customer achieved through VICTORY_tripura multinational-01

VICTORY has made thousands of salespeople across the globe to be successful and currently processes over $5 Billion of opportunities every year.  

Deal Coaching from Tripura Multinational has helped clients multiple their multi-million dollar deals.

Our Deal Coaching has also brought about systemic rigor into sales teams of both enterprise and mid-market customers. The process of Account Planning and Opportunity Management have also gained depth and

Customer acknowledgement testimonial

Customer Results - Case Study

Coaching Sales Managers across Asia to appreciate and apply the power of coaching for sustained sales performance.

Close more deals, maximize your sales success!