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In our definition, Innovation is 'Generation and Execution of new ideas that have a multiplier impact on business results'. What we typically hear from business owners are:

“We know that we have todo something different forus to survive in the future. However we are so busy handling the present that we have no idea what we need to change.”
“We have grown organically for thepast few years. There is nothing called PROCESS. In-fact our process is called“ seat of the pants” decision making We wish we had some assistance in defining certain processes that will help us run a better book of Business.”
“Our Sales People are key to growing our business organically. However, we are not sure if we have the right sales model, right sales process or even focusing on the right sales deals. I wish we hadmore support for us to have a strongand dependable sales organization.”

Tripura’s Sales Innovation offerings for SMEs focuses on five areas:

These five areas when interlaced and sequenced properly results in a high performance sales organization that can consistently bring outstanding results.


Some of our SMEs customers who have benefitted from our Sales Innovation Interventions have the following to say:

“We realized a net profit increase of 30% within twelve months of your engagement. We are grateful for your insights and the discipline you have set within our business. We look forward to recommending you to others SMEs who may face similar growth issues.”

“Thank you for helping us innovate on our deal focus through your coaching and mentoring sessions. Thanks to your guidance we are now very selective on the deals we go after and very careful how we track and progress the deals we desire. I am very happy to share that we have started getting multiple million dollar deals. Should you wish to join our Board you are most welcome anytime.”

“The moment of truth for any innovation is when we meet the customer face to face. Thanks to the Field Coaching that you provided as part of our overall mentoring and innovation engagement, I now have a better handle on how to have those crucial conversations with customers. I have learnt that activity is not a proxy for progress and it is proactive insights that carries the day in every customer interaction”


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