Failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning without execution is hallucination

Every year our customers engage in a customary exercise of account planning. They often tell us:

"We do account planning in Q1, we put some opportunities into the pipeline and then nothing happens for the rest of the year. I am pained by the amount of stall in our pipeline ."
“We have robust growth expectations for our business, I am disappointed that our account planning exercise is just a thoughtless transfer of our white space into our pipeline .”
“We have invested in so many roles to help our account managers to be successful. What is disheartening, is the inability of all these roles to work in tandem to create a better account plan for their customers. I wish we could move beyond the bickering and get some productive account planning done.”
There has to be a BETTER way!

Planning is a continuum – the process is a journey not a destination. A number of organisations plan once and never revisit the plan until the next fiscal. The joy of planning is in customer validation, periodic evaluation and focused execution. At Tripura, we help our clients engage in strategic account planning by focusing on a few simple yet sophisticated techniques to achieve more in less time. Each of our Strategic Account Planning sessions do not cross half a day. Some of the key elements we cover during the workshop are:


Some of our customers who have been beneficiaries of
these offerings tell us:

"It is amazing how little we know about our own customers. What we have learnt is that one series of guesses with another series of guesses does not make an account plan. The rigour that we have now learnt will help us learn more about our customers and their priorities ."

"We have learnt that activity is not a proxy for progress Just because we went through the account planning process in Q1, it does not guarantee us higher achievement every quarter there on. The frameworks and tools that we learnt, is now helping us build better quality plans that we can now confidently take to our customers."

"Our account planning used to be an inquisition of the account manager. Everyone else was a spectator. Thanks to your planning workshops, we now have a framework for teaming, contribution, collaboration, and aspiration. The synergy of working as a team on an account is unmatched. Thank you so much!"


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