The ability to own a geography and a set of accounts necessitates the need for Segmentation, Planning and Prioritisation

Our Customers have often told us:

“We are so mired in transactions that we cannot lift our heads to do any planning. Sadly, the lack of planning is hitting us hard. We are all running like crazy, and I know that we will break down sometime .”
“In mid-market we have 70 accounts per rep, and given that these are mostly net new accounts, we do not know where to start. This inability to prepare and plan in order to execute is immobilising our teams and draining their motivation .”
“We want our territory managers to act more like general managers for their territories. We want them to become more strategic, embrace marketing and engage competition. Skimming lowhanging fruit is no longer an option.”
There has to be a BETTER way!

Territory planning utilises a blend of management principles and execution models over a broad canvas. Without framing and sequencing, territory planning often seems like a roller-coaster ride to nowhere. At Tripura, we work on a series of steps and concepts to achieve a powerful territory plan:


Teams that have benefitted from our Territory Planning
approach tell us:

"We finally learnt that focus and prioritisation is the key to territory planning. The ability to segment our accounts and sequence our activities, has been of tremendous value, and is helping us execute with excellence. Every territory manager is now able to retire 50% of their quota through a maximum of 3 deals, giving them the head room to deliver on run-rate and plan for the future."

"I like the concept of RoTI – Return on Time Invested or Return on Thinking Invested. Your territory planning workshops helps us maximise returns on both of these counts. More importantly, it is helping us maximise our time and thinking, to exploit our territory potential better !"


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