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In the Neuroscience of Persuasion, one of the elements of persuasion is to use the word ‘You’. Using the word ‘You’ makes people feel like they are part of the solution. In coming up with the name for our online learning platform, we wanted to keep it simple yet meaningful. We believe that it does not matter where you are in your learning journey, you can always STEP UP to the next level.

UStepUp is both an acronym and a promise.

The acronym seeks to bring together the
Principles of
Possibilities of
Necessities of
And tap into the Infinite Potential of
UP stands for
People,Productivity, &Purpose,
which is what
we believe YOU have.
Principles of
Possibilities of
Necessities of
And tap into the Infinite Potential of
People, Productivity & Purpose
UP stands for
which is what
we believe YOU have.

UStepUP Campus is an amalgamation of You, the Possibilities for the world and celebrating your Potential.

Are U ready to StepUp? Your Podium Awaits!


UStepUp is all about YOU achieving more by shortening the gap between your knowledge and application. All our courses are designed around universal principles and best practices that open greater possibilities for your awareness, application, and action. Irrespective of where you gain your knowledge from, we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

At an individual level, you will be able to address 5 gaps – Knowledge gaps, Skill gaps, Behavior gaps, Result gaps and Expectation gaps.

From an organization level, we can help you scale and speed your learning outcomes with the skills that are getting absorbed by your talent. As we leverage Coaching as the fulcrum to drive habit and behaviour change, we will be able to coach your change agents to drive better returns on your learning investments and connect them with business results.

It is our belief that any learning journey is comprised of SEVEN COMPONENTS, and all UStepUp engagements are built around this backbone. The components are:


To help YOU understand what is your current level of understanding of a particular learning journey.

To help YOU structure your learning outcomes at your convenience.


To motivate YOU to complete the valuable learning journey.

To help YOU land your learnings through case studies followed by submission of a video/written report of your application of learnings.


To build credibility to your learning and showcase your alignment to Sales, Leadership and Coaching competencies.

To deeply embed the learnings and create behaviour changes.


For organisations, to help your talent sustain their learning and translate it to results at scale.

UStepUp CAMPUS focuses on three core areas that will transform your work and life.


Sales StepUp

SALES StepUp focuses on the skills, behaviors, competencies, and experiences that can help sales professionals, sales managers and sales leaders build and sustain a high performing sales organization. The entire life cycle of selling from prospecting to qualification to acceleration through negotiation and closing will be covered in addition to the vital aspects of customer value realization, through customer success initiatives.

Sales Practitioners with significant expertise will guide and coach you through your journey to high performance.



How can you complete your full-year quota in 9 months? This course allows you to operate in the new normal of heightened customer expectations, to comprehensively qualify, grow, and accelerate your opportunities towards  closure thereby improving your win rate and forecast accuracy significantly. Deep dive into VIBGYOR, our trademarked deal qualification framework which filters over $3 billion worth of opportunities for our clients every year.

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A clever salesman walks into a customer meeting knowing fully well that there are at least 3-5 competitors waiting in line for him/her to slip up so they can whiz past and take the stage. Walking into a customer meeting without due preparation or clarity on the next steps could be catastrophic. In this short course, we share the 5 components that make an ideal customer meeting. And if you carefully maneuver up this 5-step pyramid, success is imminent.

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Leader StepUp

LEADER StepUp focuses on building you to be a holistic leader who can integrate the body, heart, mind, and soul to amplify their effectiveness. This journey will be transformational as it helps you discover your blind spots and uncover the unlimited potential of archetypes. A judicious blend of leadership practices, practical psychology, insightful case studies and peer coaching experiences maximizes the value you gain through this journey.

LEADER STEP UP sets you firmly on your trajectory to become a Global Leader.


Coach StepUp

Coach StepUp celebrates the deep desire within you to bring out the best in others. It molds together the principles and practices of coaching that can help you unleash the potential and possibilities of individuals, teams, and organizations. Focusing on less theory and more application, expert coaches help you accelerate your journey to become a more effective coach.

To be a coach is both a responsibility and blessing and we want you to discover both.



Leadership challenges today are complex and multifaceted. To address these complexities, we need to shift our outlook, enlarge our worldview. In this Masterclass, Philippe Rosinski explains how we can integrate 6 important perspectives into leadership and coaching in a systematic fashion to prepare for the next wave of volatilities, uncertainties, complexities, and ambiguities.

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Learning Facilitators

Venkataraman Subramanyan

Venkat is an experienced business leader, facilitator, and coach. He delights in the joy of making others great. His strong communication, presentation, and coaching skills inspire individuals and teams to uplift their aspirations and realize their latent potential. He is an accredited member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has clocked over 7500 hours of coaching.

Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Sripriyaa is an ICF certified coach. Her passion for coaching and her drive for synergizing partnerships led to the establishment of a highly successful coaching company called Global Coaching Lab, which has been working with an extensive network of executive coaches to address large organizational and cultural transformation initiatives in the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and India.

Philippe Rosinski

Philippe is a world authority in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and Global Leadership Development. He is the first European to have been designated ‘Master Certified Coach’ by the International Coach Federation. The Harvard Business School chose his ground-breaking book “Coaching Across Cultures” as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership.

Akhil Iyer

“Life should be a collage of experiences and not just an accumulation of wealth” is the quote that Akhil is inspired by. As an author, coach, mentor and storyteller, Akhil is dedicated to creating learning experiences that can transform mid-level professionals and future leaders.

Dr. Jayshree Suresh

Dr Jayashree has a passion for Education and specialises in Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Marketing and Strategic Management. She is a visiting professor at several management institutes including Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) and SRM University. She has published numerous articles and case studies. She thrives in nurturing young people and helping them build their Entrepreneurial skills and developing life skills.


Nothing can substitute
true experience.

The beauty of the case study lies in the opportunity to discover more and to apply what you have learnt.

Our case studies are derivations from real world scenarios that depict the true complexities that confront different stakeholders. These case studies are built with a clear focus on Asia and the rich diversity in this huge region. All our case studies are derived from the experiences of practitioners and often highlight the opportunities hidden in plain sight.

Individuals and cohorts who have dissected and discussed our case studies talk about their connections to the situations and are often surprised to discover the possibilities that lie quietly hidden under the surface. They tell us about how these case studies helped them think beyond the superficial and build additional perspectives that create possibilities for their greater success.

Learning without application is hallucination. Our case studies form an ideal test bed to move from awareness and appreciation to thoughtful application.

We believe Case Studies can get you as close to problem solving and looking at issues from multiple perspectives.


Tripura Webinars is our effort to integrate and showcase the diversity of talent that exist to serve the profession of sales. These webinars will leverage insightful conversation with thought leaders that will provide you with actionable insights, to help you play at a higher level.

We have designed these webinars to be incisive and to provide you with perspectives and possibilities that will help you reach your full sales potential.

Our Webinars seek to inform, extend, and transform your capabilities.

While we have our previous webinars published here. Follow us on LinkedIn, to stay updated and benefit from our future webinars.


Corporate Sales Academy

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A rapidly changing environment demands agility and change from sales organizations. If you believe that your salesforce is still living in the past and slowly becoming irrelevant for the future, this is your time to act.

Progressive organizations proactively set up sales academies to bridge the gap with a sense of urgency and a bias for action. These sales academies help them define the new level for skills, capabilities and behaviors that would help their sales professionals and managers survive and thrive in the new normal.

You could leverage our expertise to build skill, scale and speed into your sales transformation. In addition to bringing about a step change in seller capability and behaviour, we could look at using the power of coaching to sustain that change for the sales manager and the sales leader. Important extensions like industry knowledge, technology appreciation, innovation principles, business value creation and stakeholder consensus could also be incorporated to make this academy experience rich, purposeful and transformational.

Sales organizations who are seeking to transform themselves through us are actively considering a variety of engagement formats and a plethora of courses structured into a maturity model. This helps sellers aspire for more, and managers validate their progress individually and collectively.

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