Negotiation happens throughout the sales cycle!

For Commodity sellers, it comes late in the sales cycle as Price Negotiation,
For Solution sellers it comes earlier as Value Negotiation, and for World-Class sellers
Negotiation is a constant throughout the sales process.
The requests for a course
on Negotiation comes in multiple guises:

“Our customers hold us hostage at the end of every quarter. The discounts that we offer in the last two days of every quarter essentially wipes out all the margins we make. I wish there was a better way to handle this situation which has been constant for the last 8 quarters .”
“Although every seller has been through a course on negotiation, we are still struggling to become more proactive than reactive. What if we could proactively create so much of value insomuch that the price negotiation becomes a non-affair.”
“We have some smart people in the company who achieve their forecasts at least two out of four quarters. What we struggle with are the last minute surprises they spring on us with respect to deal closures. I wish our sellers had better control on the buyer’s decision process.”

Negotiation is a skill that needs to be applied at every stage of the sales process. Given that buyer inertia is our biggest enemy, we need to empower our sellers to negotiate throughout the buyer’s evaluation, selection, and procurement cycle The only way to exercise control over the buyer’s process, is to proactively develop and articulate value – a skill that most sales people understand intellectually but execute poorly.


Customers who have experienced our Negotiation Skills workshop
have shared some reactions with us:

"Never give something for nothing' - is a very simple phrase, seldom applied. Only when we practiced different negotiation role-plays, did we understand the importance of the simple phrase. Needless to add – prior preparation had an amazing impact to the quality of the negotiation ."

"Games people play is the section we liked best. It is always us to understand different negotiation techniques, but what is more effective is whenour sellers become situationally aware of these different ploys and are able to respond appropriately. The role-plays certainly helped raise our awareness and condition our response to these games that people play ."

"What was shocking to us, was our very limited knowledge of our customers buying process. We had no clue on how each CxO took their decisions. This gaping gap in our understanding, is our biggest take-away on what we would do differently to control and negotiate the buyer’s decision process. "


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