The biggest untapped competitive advantage for many companies, is Teamwork. Different roles are established and Responsibilities assigned - however, the biggest miss is in assumed orchestration

Quoting some of our customers:

“Whether it is account planning or opportunity review, there seems to be only one person under the lens – and that is the Account Executive. There are so many overlay, value-added roles in all these meetings and we struggle with their lack of connection, contribution and accountability .”
“Some of our account executives are quite young, and we feel that they are struggling with orchestrating their virtual team. Sometimes we think that the FLSM should take accountability for orchestration, but we do not know how to make this happen. ”
“I wish we had a way to assess who contributes how much to the overall team goals. I suspect that we have more spectators than contributors, and even within the contributors, I’m unsure about who is putting how much of their shoulder behind the wheel ”

There are 3 ‘Mantras’ to Team Work


Customers who have experienced this workshop, share some of their ‘aha’

"It’s amazing how much we assume clarity and alignment. Only by utilising the ‘Critical Thinking Framework’ did we realise how little we knew and how poorly we are aligned."

"The best part of this workshop was the ‘Give-Gets Exercise’ between the various team members. What became obvious is the lack of clarity on the value that flows between team members – now we know why we were so misaligned ."

"It was good to see our managers struggling through the workshop – they were so used to ‘Telling’ that they are now getting used to the art of coaching. Listening to non-verbal cues, asking powerful questions, and guiding the team conversation to outcomes were key take-aways for every manager . "


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