A Visual Thinking Framework is “Sales Art” that generates Customer Business Insight A Visual Thinking Framework is the shortest distance from structured data to actionable insight

Customers have often approached us with the following requests :

“Our Sellers go out on calls, but I am not sure if those calls are very effective. In fact, I do not know if the customer is finding these meetings useful. Given how hard it is to get in front of customers, is there a way we could get our customers to acknowledge the value of our meetings with them? .”
“As we move higher into the C-Suite, we are discovering that we are getting lesser time with Executives. Is there a way we could resonate with them better, and also maximise the time we spend with them? ”
“Is there a way we could stretch our customers’ thinking? Sometimes, we find dysfunctional, or even lazy thinking from our customers. We need a safe way in which they could realize the limits of their own knowledge/ignorance, and that would help us have a meaningful conversation around how we could be of help ”

We have discovered that Execution Quotient (XQ) is the missing ingredient in powerful customer conversations. XQ has a rational and emotional dimension. The rational dimension of XQ is maximized when a drawing supports the conversation. In fact, when the drawing is used to stretch collective thinking, it becomes a powerful weapon to engage with customers. We call these drawings Visual Thinking Frameworks.

The design of these frameworks are crucial in that it needs to be easy to comprehend, but at the same time lead the client from the known to the unknown. After some proactive insights are generated, the seller needs to lead the customer to their own differentiated solution, which is when the power of Story kicks in. In fact, the usage of stories within the context of Business is called Business Storytelling and is a powerful tool to drive greater emotional connection with clients.


Clients who have benefitted from these workshops tell us :

"We learnt selling by utilizing the 'Back of the napkin' concept. What you have taught us is the ability to maximize the value of the client conversation through a multitude of thinking frameworks. We sometimes leverage the customer whiteboard to have these discussions and feel great when the client tells us not to erase the whiteboard - he would want to use it to show it to their CEO. Thank you so much for these powerful visual frameworks that are valuable to our clients ."

"I am the rational, logical type and always thought that stories are for mediocre salespeople do not know their stuff – Now I have learnt how the fine balance of story and reason has a better impact on my customer conversation and conviction – 1 part story and 3 parts reason – I will always remember that ."

"I asked my customer why they meet us whenever we call. They said ‘Every time we meet you, we learn something new. Moreover, we feel very comfortable with your approach’ Little do they realize that it is my conscious application of what you have taught me - powerful thinking frameworks and Business Storytelling. Thank you so much for helping me accelerate my results this fiscal "


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