As Inside Sales moved beyond the telephone, digital sales took shape. Digital Sales is used to describe the mechanism for customer engagement through the power and possibilities of technology.

Advanced analytics now provide organizations with the ability to marry data from multiple sources and utilize intelligent algorithms to define the specific parameters for the next sales call. This closed loop approach is improving call connectivity ratios, as well as reducing the cost of sales by a fair margin.

Our engagements for Digital Sales Managers include the following:



The Disciplined Digital Sales Manager


It is no surprise that sales managers are not provided all the skills and training that is required for them to maximize their effectiveness. There is an inherent assumption that they possess most of the sales management skills, which we are discovering is not necessarily true. In coaching thousands of sales managers over the past several years, we are constantly surprised about how they struggle with some of the basic management skills.

This background and experiences are the genesis for our offering.


Our Approach


How can your sales managers become world class?

Time is a fundamental constraint for sales managers, any engagement needs to be designed while respecting these constraints. Our engagements modularize the key capabilities that every sales manager should possess.

Modularization helps your sales managers appreciate the new normal for their skills and engage in different experiences that helps them imbibe and embed a new set of skills and behaviors that enhances their overall effectiveness. Some of the modules include elements of crucial conversations, building a better team culture, rewards, and recognition frameworks, running powerful sales meetings, coaching for performance etc.

Interactions with a sales coach who has also been a practitioner, helps the sales managers contextualize their learnings better. Specific situations and challenges help the sales managers build situational fluency in their application of their newfound knowledge.

This combination of modularization, customization and experimentation provides a rich environment for the sales managers to gain the foundational skills that would amplify their effectiveness.

Impact driven for customers

Sales managers who have benefitted from our programs and were promoted to the next level, tell us that their engagement with us has transformed them in many ways:


They now know how to balance time, team, and talent to maximize productivity.


Their meetings are far more effective on account of their ability to leverage technology and data to have deeper meaningful conversations.


They have more time for their own leadership development due to their increased ability to situationally lead and coach their teams.


Most of all, it has allowed them to overachieve on their commitments because of their increased ability to manage a better book of business.

Customer Engagement Testimonial

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Coaching Digital Sales Excellence


The necessity to coach for a sales manager is never in doubt. However, sales professionals can sometimes suffer from poor or ineffective coaching from their managers. It is therefore incumbent upon organizations to provide sales managers with the right capabilities to become good coaches.


Our Approach


Impact driven for customers

Customers leverage this offering when they need to drive three types of outcomes:

Each of these scenarios involve existing accounts, deals or teams through whom managers need to operate to add greater value to customers.

A typical application scenario for coaching involves a pre-brief to decide on the objectives and outcomes for the manager. The objectives and outcomes differ depending upon whether the target for coaching is either a team member, an entire team, or the customer/partner.

The second phase involves the actual application of coaching through their demonstration of the principles of coaching. Their efficacy in establishing a climate for coaching, their ability to structure conversations to powerful realizations and their ability to drive towards outcomes are all tested in the application scenario. This is when managers realize the gap between the appreciation and application of coaching.

The third step involves a debrief between the sales manager and coach on their mutual observations, blind-spots, areas of improvement etc. Multiple iterations of such applications of coaching, is what helps managers to build and sustain a coaching habit.

Organizations that have invested in building a coaching habit have been observed to showcase significant increases in pipeline volume, deal velocity and seller productivity.

2X increases in volume and velocity are not uncommon.

Customer Results - Case Study

Coaching Sales Managers across Asia to appreciate and apply the power of coaching for sustained sales performance.

Customer Engagement Testimonial

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