In a way, your channel strategy is an amalgam of skill, scale, and speed.

Our approach to empowering your channel ecosystem focuses on two distinct elements:

Most organizations realize that their total addressable market can only be meaningfully penetrated through a network of partnerships.

Some customers typically have a partner segmentation model that includes strategic advisory partners, key system integrators, strategic custom solution providers as well as distributors and resellers as appropriate.

The best relationships start with clarity of intent and normally have relationship managers on both sides who have a joint business plan for the partnership. However, in most cases, these plans do not translate into meaningfully retiring joint market opportunity.

Organizations who believe that their partnerships have greater potential reach out to us to help them synergize their effort, to drive a higher order of results.


How do we engage?

Our engagements start with a discussion about your partner segmentation models and the business results your segmentation is driving for your channel partners. We have often discovered a mismatch between strategy and execution, and most fault lines exist in terms of channel engagement with Field Sales teams.

For the most important partnerships, we drive alignment across three distinct areas:

As part of this alignment exercise, we have discovered that the bulk of partner enablement focuses on the “what” of selling and very little on the “how” to sell. We remedy this situation with a focus on sales foundations for success, which has received positive feedback from channel partners. These sales foundations cover the basic of account / territory planning, deal qualification, stakeholder mapping and engagement, negotiations and driving customer success together.

Some of the partner organizations have told us that this is the first time that anybody has invested in making them successful, outside of just providing them information and training around products and services.

In addition, our partnership with Alliancesphere opens the possibility for global engagement as well as access to a technology platform that can help track and measure partner effectiveness and impact.

Customer Results - Case Study

Synergizing Partnerships, Amplifying Joint Results

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