Transactional selling is rapidly morphing into lifecycle selling. This transition requires a mindset change for customer retention, a system change in compensation and rewards, and behavior change for earning customer loyalty. Organizations that have been able to figure out how to expand better are already at the forefront of their market space.


Our “Expand Better” offerings focus on sales leaders and their ability to work through their organizations to amplify the power of continuous customer engagement. They also extend the scope of customer planning across multiple years so they can gain a greater share of their addressable market.


Ensure Customer Success to Drive Greater Revenue Recapture


The nature of customer relationships is shifting rapidly from transactional to transformational. This change has been accelerated by technology adoption and the reinvention of business models that now focusses on subscription and consumption.

Within the software industry, the challenge has moved away from license management to include life-cycle management. The customer now expects a virtuous cycle of continuous value addition that allows them to increasingly realize value and pay only for what they consume.

These two changes on the possibilities of technology and the business model change to consumption are driving a significant change in the design and engagement of sales models and sales organizations.


How do we engage?

Traditional sales cycles focus only on the stages between value proposition, value proof and value purchase. The new normal requires the extension of this model to include value realization by the customer.

This means the addition of a few more stages in the sales process that includes – customer deployment, value realization, value acknowledgement and net new opportunity generation.

Teams that have traditionally focused on customer support and deployment, are now asked to step up, to generate new opportunities from existing customers. This transformation of mindset and skillset is where our expertise lies.

Traditional mindsets resist any sort of business development by the customer deployment organization, incorrectly labelling it as an affront to the customer relationship. These, and many other biases and self-limiting beliefs, need to be overcome for traditional services organizations to transform into customer success operations.

Along with transformation of the services organizations, it is also the orchestration of these organizations with the sales organization, which translates into overall customer value. This orchestration is often assumed to be present but is absent in reality. When the virtuous cycle of sales, services and customer orchestration happens, only then does revenue recapture become a reality.

We help sales organizations to connect the dots between sales, services and back to sales. In a way, we help organizations close the virtuous loop between value proposition, value proof, value purchase and value realization. Sometimes we even design the set of sales stages so that there is a seamless flow between value creation, value realization and back to value creation.

Impact driven for customers

Customers use a couple of simple measures to track customer success


Customer loyalty


Revenue recapture because of their loyalty.

In some cases, we have helped customer gain a 25 percent uplift on their existing renewals for an overall revenue recapture of 125 percent.

We work with our customers to structure their relationships to orient towards value realization and design compensation and reward structures to focus on loyalty and revenue recapture.

Customer Results - Case Study

Customer success driving incremental revenue outcomes

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5 Tips For Building And Maintaining Strong Customer Relationships

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Maximizing Sales Leadership Impact


The constantly evolving external environment requires sales leaders to possess a variety of skills, perspectives, and possibilities, to discover greater definition in a sea of grey. Every challenge and aspiration are different, therefore coaching becomes the ultimate customization to ensure that sales leaders can transform ambiguities into opportunities. Reframing occurs when you sieve your leadership challenge through the six different perspectives of leadership. Every perspective throws up new information, insights, and implications that sales leaders can utilize to generate possibilities for action.

Our Approach


How do we empower you to reframe your sales leadership?

Reframing for sales leadership impact begins with the identification of your leadership challenge. The six different perspectives of leadership (Physical, Managerial, Psychological, Cultural, Political and Spiritual) then lay the foundation for understanding the richness of possibilities.

In this VUCA world, there are no cookie-cutter solutions – therefore, peer coaching allows every leader to be paired up with a different leader to explore multiple ways of addressing their issues. We have discovered that pairing up with leaders from different industries and cultures provide the maximum insights – the perspective is the same, the challenges are different, and the varied experiences of the leaders, give them different lenses to address different issues.

Multiple workshop experiences, a variety of perspectives, different frameworks all contribute a rich tapestry for learning and reflection. Sales Leaders who have experienced these workshops talk about how their worldview had changed, and how their appreciation of their own potential has transformed and how their elevation has come about because of this engagement with us.

Customer Results - Case Study

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5 Ways To Build A Sales Culture That Drives Success

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Coaching for Step Changes Within Sales Organizations


Change Management is never easy, and it often entails the entire sales organization playing at their next higher level. It is incumbent upon the sales leader to assume accountability for the change, assign responsibility to those most suited to drive the change and coach their teams to operate at a new normal.

Any organizational change needs to cover the 7Ps:


Our Approach


How do we engage with you, for transforming your sales organization?

The first step is the sales leader’s conviction of the need to change, and thereby their commitment to lead through the process. Together we build a business case for the change initiative that will get approved for investment and execution. Our partnership with the sales leaders and their leadership team revolves around changes across the 7Ps.

We utilize a series of workshops spread over 6 to 9 months to bring about a change across the 7Ps. The balance of workshops and coaching helps to drive the transformation. Every transformation is unique and we love to customize our engagements to the unique needs of your enterprise and drive measurable results and returns for your investments.

Customer Engagement Testimonial


increase in net profit in a year

“Venkat had a very nice way of getting people to think. People can get antagonistic when proposing a new idea. Venkat never got embroiled in upsetting people. He was able to trigger people to think about how to do things differently. We all caught on to “Can you help me understand.…” and is used frequently in our office now. The way Venkat starts, people know he will be asking a difficult question, but the way it was presented makes the difference. No sarcasm. People normally think they are being interrogated rather than asked, but this was not the case with Venkat.”

– Sudarshan Ranganathan CEO,
Veeras Infotek (now called Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic)


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5 R's for Sales Greatness

5 R’s for Sales Greatness

5 R’s for Sales Greatness

Sales Acceleration helps you with transition and transformation, we seek to triangulate the possibilities of sales skills, management skills and leadership skills. Sales Acceleration helps you through Seller Differentiation, Deep Customer/Partner Engagement, Sales coaching and Digital Learning.
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