Harnessing the Right Brain A Creative Twist to CXO Engagements
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Harnessing the Right Brain: A Creative Twist to CXO Engagements

- Venkataraman Subramanyan

In a world dominated by data-driven decision-making and logic-centric reasoning, how often do we stop and engage the more creative, intuitive side of our brains? 

Especially when it comes to high-stakes conversations with C-suite executives (CXOs), most of us tend to stick to conventional, left-brain thinking. 

What if we could enhance these interactions by tapping into the right brain’s potential? 

In this blog, let’s explore simple yet powerful ways to spark creativity and intuition in your CXO conversations, inviting a fresh perspective on problem-solving and decision-making. 

From leveraging metaphors and visual depictions to tapping into intuition and practicing art meditation, join us as we embark on a journey to reframe CXO conversations through the lens of the right brain.

There is a saying that the future belongs to the right – which means that each one of us needs to look at how we trigger the right side of the brain. 

Here are three ways in which I get customers to open up a little bit.

Let’s dive in.

1. Use Metaphors

When I’m in CXO conversations, they will often tell me the problems they have. 

Somewhere along the line, I will ask them to use a good metaphor to describe the situation. 

Metaphors can help to simplify complex situations or problems, and create a shared understanding or vision. 

They’re a powerful tool for communication and can stimulate creativity and new ideas. 

People describe many metaphors, but there is one metaphor that has come through many times – the fire engine

I don’t know what is about fire engines that captivate the imagination of people, but it sure evokes concepts of urgency, teamwork, danger, or rescue missions.

Fire engines and problems seem to be connected and it seems to resonate with many CXOs.

2. Encourage Visualization

Here’s another way to have an engaging conversation with CXOs. 

Encourage addressing a solution together. 

Why don’t you go ahead and draw the solution out for me. 

Take a piece of paper and draw out the solution for me.

Asking a CXO to draw out a solution can serve multiple purposes. 

It encourages them to step back from the granular details, to think creatively and visually, and to consider the big picture. 

This activity can expose gaps or challenges that might not be evident when discussing data or details. 

It also creates a tangible product that can be shared and discussed with others.

3. Tap into Intuition

Sometimes, when I have these CXO conversations, I pose the question on intuition.

What does your intuition tell you?

What should you do next?

Asking about intuition can help to stimulate more instinctive, creative thinking. 

Many business leaders may be so focused on data-driven decision-making that they neglect their intuition. 

While it’s essential to make informed decisions, intuition can sometimes provide valuable insights that data cannot.

These three strategies aim to engage the right side of the brain, the hemisphere typically associated with creativity, big-picture thinking, and intuition. 

By doing so, you can inspire more innovative solutions and foster more open, constructive discussions.

Personally, I practice art meditation too and I recommend this as well if it suits you. 

Remember that as we navigate the intricate web of corporate dynamics, we often underestimate the power of our right brain and its potential in enhancing our professional interactions. 

It’s time we shift our perspectives, it’s time we bring a bit of creativity to our boardroom discussions. 

After all, the power to create a compelling narrative and engage in deep, meaningful CXO conversations lies within us, we just need to harness it. 

So, let’s embrace the unconventional, let’s invite our right brains to these important discussions, and let’s dare to envision a more creative, intuitive, and fulfilling professional journey.

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Venkataraman Subramanyan is a Global Leadership Development Expert & Sales Coach. He is the Founder and CEO of Tripura Multinational. Venkat’s mission is to touch and transform a hundred million lives by 2025, and a billion lives by 2030. With over 30 years of experience, Venkat is passionate about 2 things – Leadership Transformation and Sales Acceleration. His trademarked deal qualification framework is licensed worldwide by organizations and filters over $3Billion in deals annually. He is an accredited member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Tripura Multinational is a dynamic sales organization dedicated to empowering sales professionals and organizations to achieve unparalleled success. Originally established as a platform to address skill gaps in the sales industry, Tripura has evolved into a multi-faceted entity that offers comprehensive engagements for Sales Managers and Sales Leaders. Through the transformative power of Sales Coaching, Tripura enables sales organizations to elevate their performance from good to great and ultimately reach a world-class level. Our approach focuses on optimizing sales skills, management expertise, and leadership capabilities, helping clients plan more effectively, qualify leads better, orchestrate sales processes seamlessly, and expand their business with confidence. 

Our organisation is the trusted choice of market leaders across various industries and segments, relying on our expertise to elevate their performance to new heights. Recognized for our ability to enhance excellence, we are entrusted with the task of making the client’s best even better.

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