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Mismatching – Psychology in Sales

Mismatching – Psychology in Sales Tripura Multinational Singapore India

This week has been an interesting journey of discovering the pains and possibilities of mismatching. You would certainly be aware that mismatching is a psychological phenomenon in conversations, wherein the other person attributes the opposite of your intent.

In the field of sales, mismatching happens when you are waxing eloquent about your company’s capabilities and your customer looks completely unimpressed.

At a personal level, you could leverage mismatching to your advantage. For instance, when you tell your customer “I am sure that a million dollars in savings does not matter much for a company your size.” Plan to be pleasantly surprised by their mismatched response.

Mismatching, when creatively contrived and thoughtfully applied can lead to some surprisingly positive results.

How are you leveraging mismatching to gain more every day?

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