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What can Field Sales learn from Inside Sales? (Digital Sales)

What can Field Sales learn from Inside Sales Tripura Multinational

What can Field Sales learn from Inside Sales?
Perhaps the answer is hidden in plain sight. If we parse FIELD, we get Focus, Insights, Engagement, Leverage and Differentiation. The question sales leaders need to be asking now is –

  1. How are your sellers focusing and maximizing customer face time?
  2. How are your sellers leading with a bouquet of insights that reframes your customer’s thinking?
  3. What proportion of your customer engagement today is with decision makers?
  4. How are your sellers leveraging significant business value to drive deal momentum?
  5. How are your customer’s decision makers articulating how your sellers and your Organization is differentiated?

The lines between field sales and inside sales are blurring.

How are you driving clarity as a sales leader?

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