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Ace Prospecting & Achieve Goals Faster with Sales Team Coaching

Despite achieving their targets and performing to their highest potential, a lot of teams find something to be lacking. Revenue potential goes untapped, and teams fail to identify the right KPIs that can help them leverage their strengths. They either know their goals, but are not aware of the right way to achieve them or they have the resources without a direction in mind.

In such cases, effective sales coaching can help teams ace prospecting in business and achieve their goals – if not even faster than before! A good sales coach can help you enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency without compromising on each individual’s quota. Furthermore, your sales reps can benefit on a personal level owing to a confidence boost and being able to identify their best skills.

But how can executives and managers invest in coaching during remote working systems? How can teams collaborate and discover their potential when they are separated by screens and fewer resources? Read on to find out how teams can use the power of sales coaching to their advantage and benefit from it.

  1. It focuses on your team’s well-being

Physical health is important to perform tasks productively. But one aspect teams forget to note is mental health. A good sales coach can identify the mental state of your sales reps and suggest ways to improve it.

Sudden remote work might have caused a change in routine and socializing for your sales reps. How can they be expected to meet your targets while balancing new routines and without giving their minds time to adapt? Keeping these in mind, sales coaching can help your team set boundaries and prioritize their mental well-being.

They can create an environment of comfort and safety for your team to open up about how they are feeling and how things have been. Most importantly, they don’t judge and your team will find it more comfortable to voice out their views to a third party.

  1. It will help your team level up their performance

Sales coaches are a niche segment — they aren’t just general life coaches. They are people who know and have specialized in sales. Hence, you can expect them to give you points on how to improve your sales calls and overall performance when it comes to creating sales prospecting plan. They can suggest ways for you to improve and become self-aware. This awareness will help you unlock a new level of your potential and think more effectively.

“I once had a sales coach over to help me work better. She listened to recordings of my sales calls and analyzed where I went wrong. The next day, she told me to consciously swap some of the words I had used with some she had drafted. She told me to never say “This is the cost or service charge”. I must always say “This is the investment you will be making with us”. It might seem like nothing but when I had the next sales call with the same client, the deal was closed!” said a sales rep from a reputed agency in Chennai.

Another coachee mentioned how he was great at sourcing clients but bad at pitching their deals. A sales coach helped him change his communication style entirely. While asking for appointments through cold emails or calls, he was asked to say, “We are going to consult you”. The emails should always begin with how the business had helped other brands within the same niche.

The word “sell” should be replaced by “help”. We are not going to “sell” to your brand, we are only going to “help” your brand soar. The conclusion should never be “Contact us for more”. He was asked to change the ending of his emails to “If it interests you, let us know. If not, we can always connect again in the future”. This made his brand look less desperate to make a sale and clients were more eager to partner with him.

  1. It will help your sales reps evaluate themselves

Self-evaluation is crucial as it can help sales reps assess where they stand. This is important as sales managers can be with their reps only twice a month. The sales coach can drop by even less frequently.

So, the best coach for your sales rep is the person himself or herself! Even when they are working remotely and are disconnected, ask them to set self-improvement goals. Sales coaches can help you evaluate your performance objectively and make changes based on your unbiased observations.

Ask them to record and listen to their sales calls or review their sales prospecting plans. This will help them understand why they succeeded or failed during certain situations. If they weren’t able to answer a follow-up question during a sales call, playing back the interview will give them scope to plan an answer for the next time. They can predict their customer’s behaviors and questions to prepare accordingly.

  1. It will help your sales team personally

Individual growth is not just professional, it is also personal. Your sales reps will learn new skills and mindsets to prepare them for any business they go to next. They will have a value mindset and the desire to help rather than just prove a point. They don’t just learn how to make customers trust them, they learn how to make people in general trust and listen to them. In short, the skills they will learn are life skills that are always relevant.

Your employees will learn to set tangible goals and meet them effectively. This will make them realize their potential and build confidence. By improving their skills and working on honing actions that lead to success, they will emerge as better human beings. Sales coaches will also help them strengthen relationships and bonds built on trust — both with their team and with clients.

With constructive feedback, a sales coach will help your reps develop themselves as human beings while also meeting sales quotas. They get feedback, practice, and good exposure to situations. A wise man once said that the best way to learn is to keep making mistakes. Another said if you wish to become a good writer, keep writing more and more. Hence, if you wish to become a better sales rep, keep doing what you do and learn from the practice.

How can we help?

Sales coaches can help your sales team improve as well as boost their overall performance when it comes to prospecting in business. You can unlock avenues and potential that you didn’t even know existed when the third pair of eyes looks into your team.

At Tripura Multinational, we believe that our sales coaches can enhance your team’s confidence and skill sets manifold. By reviewing how your sales rep guides a customer through the sales process and listening to call recordings, our experts can show your team what went right and what went wrong.

  • Objective setting
  • Outreach and prospecting
  • Spontaneity
  • The ability to customize your customer’s experience

These are some vital traits of successful sales leaders that we help enhance. As a sales manager, we understand you have a lot on your plate. But your focus must be on helping your sales team improve themselves. This can be achieved by coaching not only poor performers, but also the best ones on your team equally.

Certain metrics you can use to gauge your sales rep’s growth include:

  • The size of the deals they close
  • Organizational profitability
  • Targets and how many reps meet them
  • Employee retention rate
  • Closing ratios and sales pipelines

Click here to learn more about our process and drive your sales team to self-improvement and success.

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