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Boost Sales and foster loyalty by creating value for customers in today’s world

In today’s digitally driven world, organizations motivated by profits alone will fail. Businesses that create value for customers throughout will always win the race. At the core, customers or consumers are only looking for value. When they see value, the chances of purchase increases drastically. Just imagine what goes on in your mind while purchasing a product? We are sure you are looking for added value too.

As an organization, you must make your customers feel that there is ample value in doing business with you and not think of looking at other options. The reason being, with value comes happiness and with happiness come loyalty. Easy right? So, how do you create this value and make an impact on your sales? Keep reading to find out!

Where should you add value?

There are people who get creative blocks when they hear the words ‘wow factor’ or ‘out of the box.’ It makes sense if you feel a mental block when you hear the word ‘value.’

“The second someone tells me I am not making value; I get a mental block. What am I doing wrong? What is considered right? And where do I make this value? What does it even mean? Do I add value to the customer, to his business, or in general for the long run? These are questions other salespersons would get too,” said a frustrated sales rep at a digital marketing firm in Chennai.

Keeping this in mind, we are not going to be vague about what we mean by value. Here are three avenues in which you can add value:

  • To the customer
  • To the conversation
  • To the customer’s organization

Mr. Venkataraman Subramanyan, CEO and Director of Sales Effectiveness and Execution Excellence at Tripura Multinational says,

“Intrinsically, we understand all of these. But the fact remains that I have seen that we have never been taught how to articulate value. We have never been taught how to calculate value.”

With excellent value, you are making the customer realize that your business is worth investing their time, money, and energy into. They can perceive benefits, especially for the future and you can assure them of mutual success. You are making them believe in your offering and enhancing both of your profits.

Read on for tips to build value for your customers effectively.

#1 Focus on how your brand is perceived

Brand perception goes a long way. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that has its morals and core values in place. “When I attend a client meeting, I take time to tell them the things we believe in. Few recent community initiatives, maybe charity donations we have made, or any ongoing campaigns. It gives our brand character and if the client’s belief aligns with them, then the sale is a sure deal!” said a perky sales rep from a reputed firm in Bengaluru.

To create a character and enhance brand perception, go for humor or some way to show how authentic your brand is. Have an intentional mission statement and build around it to give a personality to your business.

#2 Welcome customer feedback

How do you think most successful companies improve their services and enhance customer value? By welcoming their feedback and considering their criticism constructively. It is a win-win situation for your business as:

  • You can get firsthand reviews from your customers
  • Your customers will feel heard and acknowledged
  • Your future offerings and brand value increase

It is valuable for both you and the client – helping you improve your offerings and profits. You could ask a recent customer to fill out a survey, rate your app, or leave a quick review online or in your email. You can get back to them after implementing their suggestions and curate the results they desire.

#3 Personalize!

This is a direct result of the previous point. By gaining customer feedback, you can understand what they wish to see. This will then help you curate personalized results which will be of value to them. Your customers do not just gain access to products and services – they get ones that were made just for them!

Personalize your emails and services. Give them a product after connecting it to their problems or organizational needs. And always prioritize quality before price. It does not matter even if the client asks for a cheaper rate. Offer them a quality product that will last longer and show them how you are always available to help them. Come off as a friend they can trust rather than a salesperson who just made a conversion.

#4 Give them positive experiences

The best way to create value is by showing your customers that you value their time, money, and energy. Give them a positive experience with good team coordination to avoid wasting time. First impressions are important but the ones in the future are equally important too.

“Having an agenda might sound basic. But getting the basics right and helping the sales call move smoothly is the first step to creating value. We ensure that nothing goes wrong during the meeting and afterward as well. We share thank you emails and frequent follow-ups to know how the customer is doing. This makes the client believe that we care about them beyond just the transaction,” said a team leader from a reputed agency in Coimbatore.

#5 Segment your audience

Know your target audience and adjust your strategies to suit their expectations. By determining who you are selling to, you can figure out how you are going to advertise your products and services.

It helps to segment your audience and approach them in a relatable way. Communicate the same thing in diverse ways that will resonate with each crowd. By adjusting your sales and marketing strategies, you can also enhance the level of personalization for your content.

Other ways to create value

Here are bonus tips that have been working for other companies! Always reward loyalty and show your customers how much you appreciate their partnership with your business. Give them loyalty points or reward statuses through which they can get discounts or offers. They could even have tier-based membership levels with your business and redeem services by staying loyal consistently.

No, this not only applies to B2C clients – B2B businesses have mentioned this strategy working for them. If you can afford and have rewards and extra money at your disposal, you can make use of customer loyalty programs.

Another method is to provide valuable content to your customers. Give them free content on your website through relevant blogs and articles. It will grow your reputation and credibility as your audience can see that you know what you are doing. It also works to share case studies and testimonials at times.

Videos are all the rage right now – post an informative video elaborating on your services on social media. Ensure that the content is original and plagiarized. Incorporating face value and introducing your team through such content will help the audience connect with your brand.

Concluding thoughts

To gain trust and build value with your clients, always display a caring attitude, and do not focus on the financial aspects of sales. Understand what your customer values and what will benefit both parties.

Try to curate content as per the market demand and connect your services to their issues and foreseeable problems. At the end of the day, the best way to provide value is to show your clients that you value them. Be on time and show them that you are a friend who is not in it only for the money.

Want to learn the art of sales better? You have reached the right place! Click here to learn more about building trust and lasting relationships with your clients by showing them how much you value them!

Meenakshi Girish is a professional Content Writer who has diverse experience in the world of content. She specializes in digital marketing and her versatile writing style encompasses both social media and blogs. She curates a plethora of content ranging from blogs, articles, product descriptions, case studies, press releases, and more. A voracious reader, Meenakshi can always be found immersed in a book or obsessing over Harry Potter.
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Kavitha Chandrasekhar works as a Client Delivery and Partner Success Manager and has a passion for interacting with customers and building relationships. She brings teams together to provide lifetime value. When she is not indulging in a ‘customer first’ approach, Kavitha is busy painting and selling her artwork.

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