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Sales Coaches Drive Customer Success with New Business Perspectives

As you embark on a sales prospectingmission, you will understand that people buy from you for two primary reasons. They know you exist and they trust you or your business. These core factors will help you convince someone to buy something from you. However, it’s easier said than done, unless you have spoken with the experts.

A friend of mine who specializes in social media strategy once told me, “My clients are always telling me my services are not bringing them money or good ROI. They gain engagement for the content I make for them and good traffic on their website. But when it comes to turning those followers and traffic into conversions and clients, they fail to do so. For a long time, I had no answer to this claim and I was very bad at sales negotiations when the financial aspect came in.”

He was told to consult a sales coach by his peers as nobody at his organization knew how to combat this issue. The primary goal of any organization is to make money. So how can you convince a client to invest in your services if you can’t guarantee an income for them out of it?

The power of creating value

When Joseph consulted a sales coach, the coach listened to him patiently. She then narrated a simple story and asked him what he understood by it. This helped him reframe his customer success strategyaccordingly.

The story goes that there is a wedding photographer who charges exorbitant rates for his photographs. But clients still choose him as his quality is great and his value proposition is unmatched. What do you think the photographer says to his clients to convince them to choose his photography? After all, they have no monetary gains by asking him to take their photographs.

The answer is simple — value and emotional connections. Let’s say the charge for one photograph is $20. It might sound very expensive at first. But suppose 30 years down the line, someone offered you $20 and asked you to throw away the same photo? The same amount sounds too less if not unreasonable, right? Nobody would agree to throw away such a priceless memory despite being offered all the riches in the world.

This is the power of value. It is the art of associating an emotional connection or good long-term gains with a service. The sales coach asked Joseph, “The photographer never tells his clients they can gain monetary value out of their photos. He only tells them that the value of the image is priceless and is something to be cherished forever. His USP is the quality of his photos and not the act of photographing the event itself.”

Joseph considered this for a while and changed his selling angle. He no longer told his clients how engaging his creatives could be or how many customers the posts would target. He told them how valuable the content would be for them in the long run as the audience can connect with them. Although there is no tangible value for each individual post, all of them together will engage the community and build them for the future.

People don’t want the cheapest things. They want the best deals and they want to know if they can get more out of the deal than what they are paying for it. Hence, Joseph’s offer became more sellable as it made his customers realize

  • The content was not for today or tomorrow
  • The individual content didn’t matter
  • It is the future that counts
  • It is a community that creates brand value
  • It is the power of all his monthly content together that matters

So why do you need a sales coach?

What we learn from this experience is how the sales coach never told Joseph anything brand new. She didn’t teach him a new customer success strategyor ask him to change his pricing or what he was offering. She simply helped him see the story from a new angle with a new pair of eyes. And that made all the difference.

This is the power of sales coaching as your coach can help your organization in many ways. They can help not only your weakest performers — they can equally help your best performers improve their skills even further. A sales coach is an indispensable asset to your team’s growth and can help you build a good culture.

They don’t just help you enhance performance while sales prospecting, but they help you also handle the overall well-being of your employees. Are your sales representatives inspired to work harder and are they equipped with the right strategies to sell your services? With their bird’s eye view of your organization, a sales coach can help you boost revenue in no time!

Effective and smart work

One of the latest sales coaching techniques is to help your sales reps put their efforts to good use. The strategy might sound basic, but it is overlooked by most employers and is a key reason why companies fail to close more deals. Did you know that 6 out of 10 employees in your company are not putting their best skills to good use? This is how sales coachingcan help you identify your sales reps’ key assets and use them in the best ways possible for optimum success.

Joseph was good at curating content and highlighting how it can help the client’s business engage its prospects. But he was not good at creating value for them and showcasing his content in good light. He was not good at predicting and answering follow-up questions no matter how much he prepared and he lacked confidence in himself due to these drawbacks.

With the help of his sales coach, he learned to confidently initiate conversations with clients rather than going by a script. He began to organize and complete tasks and new objectives without being told to. He still curated content, but he began to experiment with it as he now had the big picture in mind.

All these wins are from an individual perspective. When I began to consider how his growth would impact his organization, I noticed much more than just revenue. It would help his company close bigger deals and reel in bigger fish. The sales team would have sales reps who knew when to hone their skills and become progressively more proficient at closing better deals.

Instilling best practices

Good sales coaches can help strengthen your organization to gear up for a big win. There is a saying that only if all four wheels of the car move well, the car, on the whole, can move smoothly. The same goes for your sales team while setting realistic goals everyone has to move towards.

Only if all your sales reps perform well individually, you can expect a sense of unity and camaraderie among them. When working as a team (as one complete unit), they will feel more comfortable taking risks and experimenting with new things. All these aspects will boost morale and enhance employee satisfaction while also simultaneously elevating the customer experience.

Joseph was able to not only enhance his performance, but also understood the services of his company on a deeper level. His morale was boosted as he now understood why he was doing whatever he was doing. It gave him a sense of purpose and commitment to his company once he understood what he was working for.

“If you wish to convince someone to buy something, you must first be convinced that it is worth it. My sales coach made me realize that I was mindlessly selling a service without understanding why. Once she showed me how valuable my work is and what the company aims to achieve, I was more motivated to work,” he said.

A sales coach is a vital asset to help your team grow and achieve tangible results. Your team can connect with their coach and improve themselves on a personal level with skills they can use for life.

They could teach you the most basic things that often go overlooked. At times, they might help you look at things from a new lens or enable you to view the bigger picture to understand things.

Without a good coach, Joseph would never have understood the value of his services or how to market them right. His coach helped him understand what he is selling beyond the surface level and understand the value of his work. This change in perception and value are equally important assets like revenue and growth.

Stop saying one day and change your goals to Day One! Interact with the best sales coaching techniques for your team’s journey toward growth and memorable engagements.

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