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A checklist to assess toxic sales cultures

It is hard to find a business where the founder intended to have a toxic culture. Nobody wants their organization to be toxic. Sometimes it just happens because we do not pay attention to the signs. By the time reality sets in, chances are that your best players have already left the team. Replenishing that loss is not easy.

It is like buying a bunch of ripe bananas, it might be good when you get them, but if left unattended they tend to spoil. And before you know it, you have got a bad bunch on your hands.
So, with that in mind, Venkataraman Subramanyan shares with us a simple checklist that will let us know whether we are breeding a culture of toxicity. These 5 indicators will show that perhaps its time for a systemic change in your sales organization. Watch the video, take a moment to reflect, understand where you stand, and take quick, restorative actions.

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